Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Random Marathon Week Thoughts

The weather fixation...

What will Sunday hold? Currently the weather states SUNDAY- High: 73 Low: 55
Sunny Warm.

Not bad, a little warm, but sounds pretty good!

The outfit?

Hmmm, what to wear?

Why is it everything keeps breaking around me?
Replaced front brakes and rotors. Why are they still screeching? Need a new front caliper...guess that will be a good time check the horredous brake squeal. Adam Sandler's, Piece of Sh!t car is playing in my head. I really need a new windshield, desperately need new tires and of course a car wash!

Built a laundry room and moved new washer and dryer upstairs...hooked it up but new piping leaks. So much for washing clothes upstairs. No big deal, replace belts in old washer so it will work. Crap, I guess the belts broke because something else was wrong because they broke again! Now I got a full washer of water and no way to wash clothes.

Will remodeling ever be done in this old house?

Is is possible to finish texturing and painting two rooms before Halloween party?

On the subject of Halloween, what would be the best costume in the world?

While Drew Cary & Mimi was funny last year, being fat was way too umcomfy and not cute AT ALL!

I hate paying for oil. So $$$

Hauled a ton of wood over for woodburning. Crosstraining?

Seriously, working in the investment industry and listening to CNBC all day is sooo depressing!

Thank goodness I can workout and have a little reprieve in my day!

Is it Friday yet?????


duchossois said...

You sound like you could use some help. Unfortunately, I am useless at bicycle repair, I really don't have the tools for doing any serious plumbing, and I don't know a thing about applying texture to a wall. So instead, I will send positive vibes your way. Here I go.


That should help.

ramblings of a runnner said...

AGGGHHHH it's almost here!!!

Brian said...

damn. I'm tired just from reading that. doesn't sound like fun on the homefront or car front.

take out the misery on the towpath sunday. good luck

triguyjt said...

keep training for those sanity breaks.....this freaking market is giving me migraines.....everyday.....

cute drew carey and mimi outfits.

kick ass sunday

Brett S. said...

You'll have a chearing section at Ira RD Sunday. Nick is running the aid stop so I'll be helping out and chearing everone on.

Oh and the wood will be great this winter. Fireplaces warm the house and the heart. I've got quite the pile ready at my place to.

Lana said...

Good luck Sunday! I know'll you do graet!