Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mad Mountain Training!!!

Reporting live en route towards home from the south!!!

First the quick prior week rap up...

Following Sunday's 101.5 mile Sweet Corn Ride.

Mon 7/28-10 miles mountain biking at West Branch (my quads were not at all ready for this after Sunday!)
Tues 7/29-6 miles with Salty and E (hit the track for some 200's and 400)
Wed 7/30 --never got the workout in but did some heavy lifting moving a couch!!!
Thurs 7/31 -10 miles road bike with allanjel--work put the kabash on my planned long brick!
Fri 8/1 -off (in car!)
Sat 8/2 -20 miles mountain biked at Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga TN
Sun 8/3 - 7 miles ran (HILLS!), ~1200 yd open water swim
Mon 8/4 - 6 miles ran (more hills)
Tues 8/5 - 10 miles mtn biked at Pigeon Mtn in northern GA...this is not really true as probably at least half was hiking carrying the bike--Holy frickin tiring!
Wed 8/6 -off (car again!)

So the quads have definitely been getting a workout. There are some crazy mountains and hills everywhere I was down south!


After the long drive south we got in late Friday to my hubby's family in northern AL. After a good night's sleep we met some folks off the SORBA website for a group mtn bike ride at Raccoon Mtn. It was soooo awesome to have our own little guides and see just how wonderful these trails were! It was hot and humid but we had a blast!!!

Sunday and Monday were filled with trail running, swimming and lounging on my raft in the lake! We also snuck away for a dinner & a movie!

Tuesday we went to Pigeon Mtn with his aunt and uncle. They rode horses while we mountain biked the trails there. They had warned us they were some of the roughest trails in northern Georgia and they were right. They also were not lying that the first 3.5 miles were all uphill. I was not sure why I brought my bike instead of my hiking shoes! To top it all off, a bee stung me in the right butt cheek and again my skin is hot and swollen....and yes I have to sit on it all day today! I really should not complain as I was lucky not to see the long fat rattlesnake that scared the horses and my hubby's aunt and uncle. I think I might just have had a heart attack right then!

Now back to the real world and work tomorrow!!!!


duchossois said...

You took Friday off? What a slacker!?!?! Hahaha

Looks like it was a great trip. You really worked you butt off...and got stung to top it off.

allanjel said...

Ha Ha! Mel gott stung in her left butt cheek in the last section of the BR course on Sunday morning :)

Brian said...

Now i'm really, super jealous. looks like a good time. maybe a big group outing next year?

TriSaraTops said...

Looks like a blast!!!

Hope the booty feels better!

Mallie said...

The next time you hit Raccoon Mountain, let me know. It's not too far for me to drive out and ride with you!

triguyjt said...

man..i dont know how you did the mountain biking right after sweet corn.... wow!!

nice pics from down south..ya'll

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice week of workouts! Way to go!! And great pics!