Friday, August 15, 2008

Twilight Trail Run & Getting Ready for the weekend!!

Happy Friday Folks!!!

I am not sure what I am more excited about, not having another crappy race (as so many have been this year) or the fact that it is almost the weekend and time for another blowout Corn Party!!!

So last night many of my favorite ladies and I made the trek out to North Chagrin for Second Sole's Twilight Trail Run. I did this race last year and almost did not sign up this year, but thank goodness I did! I scored an awesome teammate at the last minute, CJ and we appropriately named ourselves Two Brisk Blonds.

As we warmed up, I was not feeling overly optimistic for a couple reasons. a) I have not had a good race all year. b) I had not done a short race since St. Malaci back in March, so I was not sure how long I could run faster!

The race was a staggered start by gender and age group so it is always fun to watch the older and younger folks head off. The race is an 8K, all bridle trails at North Chagrin with one big climb, a crik crossing and a lot of rollers. I lined up near the front of our wave and took off with the start. Quickly Elizabeth, Katy and Amie pulled ahead. I was running alongside Christina (and nearly tripped my own teammate around a corner...sorry CJ, I can be quite a clutz!) I splashed through the crik crossing taking no care to stay dry and started up the big hill. I powered up it as best I could and was so tired I did not realize I passed Amie until I heard her cheer for me. Yet tough Amie caught and passed me right away at the top and I decided I was going to try to hold on to her as best I could.

We hit the first mile marker and I could not believe I still had 4 more to go. Dang, I was wishing it was a 5K not an 8K but I fought on. We were passing people and I was staying a step or two behind. Some of the uphill rollers made me feel like I was working so hard and I was quite nervous I might just blow up but I knew if I let go I was just really going to slow down. I kept waiting and waiting for the downhill stretch that I knew was coming over my Squire's Castle. When we reached it we just flew down it like speeding bullets. I managed to pass Amie taking a corner tight but again at the bottom, she pulled ahead again.

The downhill had given me terrible cramps but I knew I was only a mile away now. I tried to stay in step with Amie but as we neared the finish, she started her kick and I was not ready to answer back. As we hit the grassy field I realized we had to make several turns still instead of heading right to the finish as I had hoped. I trying to make up some ground on her and thought I was closing some but it was too late.

I hit the finish line and here comes the best part....they handed me an ice cold beer!!! I told ya I liked this race! I moved to Amie to thank her for helping to push me the whole way. I really doubt I would have ran so strong without her there! No sooner did I move over to watch the finish (& of course drink my beer) I turned to see my teammate kicking some butt on her way into the finish! Team Two Brisk Blondes kicked butt.

Then the fun really started. It was a blast watching Salty rock the course with her lil peanut in her belly, Bridget out there with Steve, E and TM already done comparing notes, Dawn running Craig across the line and all the other friends out there just doing there thing! The race has a laid back feel which just sort of transforms into a lil party.

At the awards, Team Two Trail Freaks (Amie and Elizabeth) took first female team. And then they announced another team that got second which was not us. Now I am assuming this was incorrect (as I don't think there were other females between our two teams) but we will wait for the results. Nonetheless, E mentioned it to the RD and she said she would check it out and then as it turned out the team that won 2nd were out of towners and gave us the $25 dollar gift certificates that they had won. So all seemed right with the world, although it would have been funny to hear Team Two Brisk Blondes called up to collect our prize!

I finally met a few other people like Gina and TM who I had known by name but never had the opportunity to talk to! All in all, the whole evening was just great! Maybe I finally broke my 2008 jinx! (Still crossing my fingers!)


This weekend is the crazy Corn Partay!!! The sis started it years ago at my parents house and invited some friends. Then my parents started inviting some friends. Then I started invited some friends. And then it was growing to more than 100 people and it moved to my house for a couple years. Then last year it was at my sister's new house and again this year we will be trashing her pad instead of mine!!! LESS CLEANING FOR ME--YEAH!!!

Yeah this party is a rocking good time- food, DJ and karoke, swimming, hillybilly games, lots o beer, and inevitably FLIP CUP!!! So if you happen to feel like making it out to the boonies and have not got your invite, drop me a line because all are welcome and you don't want to miss out on this!!!

Good thing I am meeting my buds for the 18 miler Saturday morning and not Sunday morning!!!! PARTY ON!!!!


ramblings of a runnner said...

nice job yesterday! have fu this weekend!

ramblings of a runnner said...

nice job yesterday! have fu this weekend!

E-Speed said...

You did awesome last night girl! I think you are finally out of your 2008 racing funk!

Babs said...

Wow!! That was a great recap of the Twilight Trail Race!! You did great...I was thinking about you girls and how much fun you were going to have (AFTER the race)! Sorry we can't join you for the Corn-y Party...see you soon, B.

duchossois said...

Great story. I love the cold beer waiting for you at the finish. And the $25 gift certificate. But I have to ask something about the photo. What is Amie doing? !?!? She is making a scary, wild face.

Brian said...

dang. all those hotties and I didn't even know about it. Nice job sticking with her.

CJ said...

Awesome job, brisk blonde teammate! Sorry I could not keep up! I hope we can team up again so we can get some more use out of that team name.

Have a great time at the corn party! Sorry we can't make it:(

triguyjt said...

dang--daisy..sorry I missed this one....
My son did it as said it was a blast... I love that course...

ran it (very easy, very slow--hammy killing me) this am, in fact....laughed seeing the white markers on the bridle....

ohh...happy belated b-day to your sis

solarsquirrel said...

Janet you rocked that 8k! Thanks for pushing me!!!