Monday, August 18, 2008

Mad Monday Update 8/18/08

Wow, am I tired today! Crazy corn party tired me out! Not only that but I have a ton of work to do, so this will be brief!

Following GCT half last Sunday....

Monday 8/11--Lunch- Upper Body Workouyt
PM- Mountain Biking at West Branch~9 miles
Tuesday 8/12-5.5 Mile Run at lunch with CJ & Salty
Wednesday 8/13-off, not planned but just a busy day!
Thursday 8/14 - Twilight Trail run plus w/u~6.5 miles
Friday 8/15 - 6 Mile Run with E
Saturday 8/16 - 18 Mile Run with NA, T, AS, & E ~8:40ish avg pace
Sunday 8/17 - 6 mile run with E

Weekly Totals
Bike - 9 miles (mountain biked)
Ran - 42 miles
Core - 1 session


Brian said...

come on. no pics from the party? i´m disappointed. fun party though. next year, i´m leaving the kids at home.

Steve Stenzel said...

Crazy corn party? What?

Nice week!!

Sensationally Red said...

What's a corn party? Whew!! You are a workout busy girl!