Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy Corn-Y Party!

Since a few of you have asked....

The Crazy Corn-Y party history is as such. I grew up out in the boonies (sort of). My grandparents had a farm out in Freedom Township and as the kids got older they each bought some land off my grandpa and consequently my parents and all my dad's siblings all live on the same road. As my sister and I got older and made friends that did not live so far out in the country, we always had fun inviting our city and suburbia friends out to our ole stomping grounds.

About 7 years ago my sister started had a big party for all her friends at my parents place. They grilled out and since it was corn season, they roasted a bunch of corn over the bonfire, and the name Corn Party was given. With every August party the invitation list got bigger. My folks started inviting their friends. I started inviting my friends and every year the fun grew too. Now we had our DJ friend Mark hooking the party up with tunes and karoke. After my husband and I bought our house we moved the corn party to our pad for the following 2 years, now accomodating a good 100 party-goers. Every year we got burgers and dogs and tons of corn. Then last year my sister bought a new house and it was her turn to host the last 2 corn parties.

Yet with 2005, 2006, and 2007 corn parties, the corn was becoming a gigantic pain in the butt. It seemed every corn party was at least 90+ degrees and there we are sweating over the fire with a fork moving corn around while everyone else was mingling. The husk and silk made a gigantic mess and after my husband drank a 12 pack last year while sweltering over the heat, we decided it was time for a break from corn!

What? No corn? But this is the corn party!!! So this year we introduced the corn hole tournament and re-named it the Corn-Y party because often times our guest end up being rather corn-y by the end of the night.

This year the party started and we swam in the pool. and drank beer

And we ate a bunch of food! and drank beer!

And we played some cornhole! and drank beer!

And we played Kan Jam! and drank beer!

And we got excited about the fire truck and ambulance showing up! (no, were not in trouble!!) and drank beer!

And we rocked out to some tunes and did some karoke! and drank beer!

And we hung out by the fire! and drank beer!

And we played flip cup! and yes, lots more beer!

And long past our bed time, we finally quit drinking beer!!

After a short night's sleep and a greasy heavy breakfast, Rockstar J & E still managed to get in our run about high noon....let's just say, it was not the easiest 6 miler!



Next time you play flip cup you can borrow my official flip cup shirt and impress your friends!!!

Brian said...

dang. i didn't know it was a sleepover.

next year no kids for me.

solarsquirrel said...

I had so much fun last weekend! Next year I need a d.d. so I can partake in FLIPCUP!!!

RunningAgain said...

Sounds like great fun -- work hard, play hard :) TW

Kim said...

I MISS YOU GIRLS!! looks like you had a blast :)