Friday, July 08, 2011


A short week still goes by to slow!

I am so excited for the weekend!  I am totally going to have to ride the bicycle outdoors this weekend.  I cannot take it any longer!  I went for a short test ride and I think things should be ok.  I am planning to ride with some BAFF friends tomorrow so that should give me a good gauge as to where I am.  Time to again break out the First Endurance and get in some good seat time!!!

My running form seems back.  I was short on time this morning but decided to do my tempo run with a very short warmup and cooldown and put in the 3mi at 6:58 pace without much difficulty.  I have been running completely normal this week and my arm swings just as it always had :-)  I have also been ramping up easy base running miles a lot.  Happy to say with the easy miles and quite a few of them on soft surfaces, the build has also went well.

This weekend looks to be a quiet one which is fine by me after the whirlwind last weekend.

My garmin 305 arrived yesterday which brought on the happy dance!  How do people live without these things?!

In other news, the Cleveland Triathlon Club in conjunction with REV3 Tri rolled out the REV3 Cedar Point Preview Dates in case anyone is interested.  These were a HUGE hit last year bringing out over 100 people at each and were a fabulous way to familiarize yourself with the course and also fun in that you meet many others that you will see again on race day.  I am also pretty excited about the speakers which include a very popular local coach and accomplished athlete, Angela Forester and local triathlete, AJ Baucco who recently went pro and got picked up my a new team!  So mark your calendars for Saturday 7/23 and Saturday 8/20 and check out all the latest information here!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I might be able to make the clinic, at least one of them

Craig said...

Good to see your recovery going well.