Friday, July 01, 2011

Fast Friday Thoughts

*  Why do pre-holiday weeks seem to to drag on even more slowly than normal?  I am literally the only person in the office today!

*  My garmin 305 was also a casualty of my bike crash.  How do people live without them?  I ordered a new one today!  THANK GOODNESS!

*  The garmin ordering was compliments of the insurance check I got from Aflac.  That accident policy paid off. Funny, I never had given it much thought but I am actually really thankful that my boss had got it set up for us.  There was a waiting period on the policy and mine went into effect 6/1/11.  I crashed 6/14.  I guess the timing could've been worse!

*  Arm movement is returning more everyday and the shoulder hurts less and less. Ribs still ache.  Running motion is becoming more and more natural which leads me to...

*  Yesterday I went out at lunch to run with the Cleveland lunch run guys.  They were doing tempo.  I did not run with the fastest ones but ran with another guy at I'm guessing was a respectable pace (SO WISHED I HAD MY BELOVED GARMIN).  It was probably the first time I ran sub 8:30 since I got hurt.  Actually it felt very good, albeit a harder effort.  Sort of felt like a breakthrough confidence run and I was incredibly pleased with it...actually it made my day!  (Yesterday also seemed like a good day as I have a few other irons in the fire that I am crossing my fingers on and feeling slightly optimistic about...more on that if one of them actually pan out!)

*  My training efforts and consistency this week have been pretty good and I have been actually doing well dragging my butt out of bed early.
M:  50 min bike, 5 mile run
T:  3 mile run followed by some squats and lunges (easy day)
W:  60 min bike, 4 mile run
R:  6.5 mile run
F:  90 min bike

*  I got the worst blisters on my feet from my shoes yesterday.  :-(  SO NOT COOL.  I know they say not to pop them but I just cannot walk on those water bubbles so I did it anyways!

*  Super stoked for the long weekend.  Yeah I might be more excited if I could ride bicycles outside but I will get in a couple longer runs and a solid computrainer workout or 2!  Tonight will rock with dinner at our favorite Mexican joint with ESpeed and SSquirrel and the men before we go see Transformers!  Oh and I will be hitting sisters pool and lots of parties..of course!!!  BRING IT ON!


Heather-O said...

I can never resist a good blister popping! Glad to hear things are looking up for you! You amaze me with your strength and determination! BTW - mexican sounds awesome tonight...think that's gonna have the be on our menu too ;)

E-Speed said...

i think you jinxed us. this day is taking FOREVER!