Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

So I sit here today having a hard time focusing on work, because I am really looking forward to the weekend!!

My husband is going to be pretty occupied with his own stuff as he is attending a class on one of his hobbies (which he is super excited about) so that leaves me to focus on my own things (not that hanging with him is not fun ;-) .  Two other guys also attending the class are staying with us so this required a fair amount of house cleaning this week.  Yuck!  But it is always nice to have a clean house!

So tonight will be dinner out with the hubby and our company.  Then of course I will be packing up my First Endurance, TYR wetsuit, Avia shoes, samples from SBR SPORTS (guess who will be lubing up swimmers with TRISLIDE???) and the rest of my never ending tri-stuff, shower stuff and ctc stuff, etc!!  Then tomorrow will be a bright and early wake up call to head up to Sandusky for the CTC - REV 3 Cedar Point Training Day.  Last year these easily ranked as some of my favorite training days of the year for so many reasons-

1.  Preparation on the course:  I felt so prepared on race day knowing where false flats were, where I was, what the roads were like and it was just a great confidence boost.  It is so nice to do a key race and you have an opportunity to get out on the course ahead of time.

2.  The people:  Lots and lots of friends, other REV3 CP racers and other triathletes that just want to get in a quality training day.  It made race day even better to see so many familiar faces.  Each of the training days last year were easily in excess of 100 people so everyone had people to ride with at a variety of levels.

3.  Lessons learned:  It was great to share stories from others that had went the 140.6 distance.  Angela Forester, an esteemed area coach and triathlete spoke last year and is returning this year who offered phenomenal tips.  I am also very excited that Pro Triathlete, AJ Baucco will be speaking about how his training has changed over the years and training with power.  Another huge powerhouse to the lineup is Leah Nyikes with Liquid Lifestyles who will be putting on an open water swim clinic for anyone who is interested.  Hands down I can say, when you get the chance to learn from Leah, you should definitely take advantage of it as she is awesome!

There are a million other reasons why I love these days.  As Cleveland Triathlon Club is such a big part in my world, these training days do a nice job of showcasing what the club prides itself on, which is offering area triathletes training opportunities, promoting local races, getting triathletes out there doing what they enjoy and having a sense of community.  AND also near and dear to my heart is REV3 through my relationship with the REV3 / Trakkers team.  I totally love the idea of getting people excited about REV3 and hope that the Cedar Point Race Venue will be around for a long time!

Recap on Saturday will be forthcoming....

Then I will rush home for a cookout at my place Saturday evening.

Sunday's training plan calls for a 35/40 mile bike and then 6 m run at medium pace.  As I might have mentioned, I am a people person so I was scratching my head trying to figure out who I could do this workout with and after lunch with my friend, ET, I found a taker.  So the plan is we are going to hang out at the Fairport Harbor Tri which is a sprint that starts at 8.  I will cheer and hang out (which it seems I so rarely get the chance to do) and then commence workout.  I will at least have company for the bike!  I had thought about racing Fairport, but for now I just want to focus on high quality workouts and the sprint is not exactly what I need.  I am guessing I will have time to kill when I am done before the husband gets home so I might just bring my bikini and hit the beach!


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