Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I hate being "that guy"

I hate being rushed.  I hate being the one that shows up to a group training session at the last minute or being unprepared.

Last night it was me.

I had got off work with plenty of time to spare and I was excited to head out to Chagrin Falls to do the normal Tuesday night ride.  I left downtown Cleveland at 5 and had made it out to Chagrin Falls at 5:45, with plenty of advance to the 6:30 start time.  So I hit the grocery store to buy a pack of buns, something cold to drink and change my clothes and then headed over to the parking lot at about 6.  I cleaned the trash out of my car and walked over to Starbucks to hit the restroom and braid my pigtails.

About 6:15 or so I started pulling out my helmet and shoes and the bike, which should've been all set to go.  But of course that would be too easy!

Flat rear tire.  CRAP!  So I go into rush mode.  I am doing my very utmost to change this stupid tire which I HATE doing and really probably have rarely did it by myself.

BUT, everyone should be proud, I got it all changed ALL BY MYSELF pretty quickly but now I am just dripping sweat everywhere, covered with grease and already stressed out.

I did not have time to fill my bottles properly as I had planned (and it was crazy hot) but it was time to go.

Just as the large group was ready to roll, I went to pedal only to realize my chain was not put on the front ring. so I had to stop and fix that.  Holy crap I was crazy covered in grease.  Ughhh!

The group went out and caught the light right away and several of us missed it.  You know those stupid lights take 4EVER when you are in a hurry and by the time we finally got the green, the group was long gone.

I led out straight up the hill for a ways.  Near the top another rider took over the front but now I was tired after the ascent at the start and those 3 were on a mission to catch up and I needed a minute to recover.  I felt like the air was thick and my asthma was right on the edge.  Yet, I did not have a minute to catch my breath and got dropped.

Discouraged, I sulked and pedaled up the road.  I was trying to figure out what my problem was.  Have I just lost it with the injury setback?  Clearly circumstances to start this ride were just not ideal.

I knew my husband was pedaling from home out to Chagrin Falls so I just called him and diverted course to meet him.  Upon seeing him, I settled down and started to again enjoy the ride which was when I realized my front brake was rubbing.  So I stopped to fix it.  As I got going again I still heard rubbing so I stopped again and realized my rear brakes were really rubbing and waaay out of alignment.  Perhaps this had something to do with the rough start to the night and not being able to keep up.

Anyways, I guess it worked out ok in the end (although I was still mad at myself) as I got home earlier than usual and had an easier night, which probably made this morning's early 12 mile run a little bit better.

So on the plus side-
+ Good tiring changing practice and pretty successfully fast for this girl
+ Good 12 mile run this morning

Let's just forget those negatives and perhaps keep in mind in the future to-
*  air down tires when the bike is going to bake in a hot car forever
*  take the time to check the brake positioning (and give it a good once over) before riding
*  always nice to save a few minutes to cruise around parking lot before getting going on a group ride to make sure everything is working as it should.

Hopefully I will not be "that guy" again for awhile!


Meredith said...

Doesn't it always seem like when it rains, it pours? Way to get through it. I hope you are healing well!

Matty O said...

Yeah, I hate being that guy too. Typically I am that guy though because I plan my days so jam packed full of things to get done that I always end up being late :(


Yeah, sometimes I get bummed about workouts not going as planned but I always know that if I don't have a strong workout one day the next day will be redemption. Glad the run went well this morning!

Jamie said...

Almost that exact situation happened to me two weeks ago with Kim. It happens to the best of us.

Clean off the grease and come back prepared next time.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens but what ya going to do? Suck it up and keep going.

I am "that guy" often but it usually because of something I say, I sometimes lack a mental filter, my wife is usually embarrassed and trying to apologize for me -- always good times!