Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting the job done

Sitting here in a pretty good mood for a Monday.

Coming off another fun sunny warm weekend in Cleveland which is what I live for!

The weekend was a nice mix of family and friends, sister's pool, rolling around on the scooter and of course squeezing in some workouts.

Since last post, I got in the 10 miles at lunch Friday (as planned) which was supposed to be done at an easy pace of 8:45-8:50 (ended up 8:34 avg).  I had went out by myself which is not my preference and I knew I could have joined my lunch time group but I knew I would likely end up running way too fast so I opted for the solo run with my DJScene podcast!  I actually enjoyed having a nice easy run along Lake Erie.

Saturday I planned to get in a 30/4 brick.  I knew sis and her friend were meeting out by Hiram to run on the Headwater's trail at 8:30 so I planned a route to end there, so I could wrap up with them.  I left out by myself at 7AM and rode 700N to Gville, 88 to lover's lane to 14 to 44 in ravenna, then up 44 to mantua, then 82e to Hiram and back down 700 to the start to finish just over 30 miles by myself.  I kept a steady pace and while I never prefer to do my workouts solo, it was nice to just feel very focused on doing what I needed.  Then I changed into my shoes and pulled on my headphones and started running along.  Wrapped up my 4 miles with a 7:13 avg pace which was a little fast (target was 7:32).  Then I backtracked a bit to finish up the last mile ez with sis and AP.

Sunday I headed out with the Cleveland Touring Club for their 77 mile Ravenna Arsenal ride.  My schedule had an 80 miler on tap so I figured this would work well.  The ride started in Burton and I left from my house to ride the 8.5 miles to the start.  I hate when I don't give myself plenty of time and then feel like I have to hammer to get to the start on time which of course included the steep climb up Huff.  I did make it in time and there was a decent turnout including 7 others that maintained a decent clip for the most part.  So it made the ride very enjoyable as it circled through all my old stomping grounds that I know very well.  I am beginning to feel my biking legs coming back.  Too bad my seat area still seemed a bit aggravated which was likely due to not lubing up on Saturday and then adding insult to injury on Sunday.  Oh well, if that is the least of my issues, I am not complaining!

I already nailed the key run for this week's training schedule this morning which was 3x1.5 mi at tempo.  So check that one off the list and onto the next one!  Looks like a warm week on tap but thankfully at least I do most of my workouts in the morning!

Super excited for the REV3 Cedar Point Preview Day coming up this Saturday!!!!


Scott Cannon said...

You're doing great! Stay cool and hydrated in this heat. You are lucky to have a cycling group start so close to your home that you could ride there. But I guess that means you had to do 8.5 + 77 + 8.5 miles, which is more than you planned-- a lot more if you are tired and hot.

Janet Edwards said...

Oh no, I should have mentioned that the ride went right by my place on the return, so I was done when I passed by home so I only did 77. So actually 3 miles short but I figure it was close enough!

Matty O said...

Wow, you are right back on schedule. Honestly I am sure 90% of people have forgotten you were in a wreck like a month ago!

Great job!

I finally got past my saddle issues!!! Only took me about 6 months to figure out what worked and what saddle was right :(

Keep up the great work, you are crushing it this year! We will see you up at the training day Saturday. We may have to bounce right after the ride though :(