Wednesday, July 06, 2011

2 Tired Today to Think of anything clever

This morning I slept in instead of waking up early to workout.  I was SLEEPY and decided I deserved to stay in bed longer and so I did and it was nice!

As I noted last week, my consistency in workouts has been pretty good.

M: 18 mile bike, 5 mile run
T:  3 mile run
W:  20 mile bike, 4 mile run
R: 6.5 mile Run
F:  30 mile bike
S:  13.3 mile run
S:  6.2 mile run, 28 mile bike
Week Totals:  96 miles biked, 38 miles ran 
Notes:  Pretty significant bounce back to training after not doing much the first 9 days after I crashed.  No swimming which means my legs are getting some serious mileage.  All runs were easy except Thursday.

This week has started off a little slow on the biking front, but I will work on that the latter part of this week.
M:  8.3 mile run
T: 8.1 mile run
W:  8.5 mile run

My legs were feeling quite tired today and I almost gave myself an easy day, but when I got a window to get out at lunch time to get in some miles, I seized the opportunity to get it in with the downtown boys.  I paid for that a bit as I just felt hot, tired, borderline asthma and just was not really feeling the pace even though I doubt it was all that aggressive.  Perhaps tomorrow will need to be an easier day!

Oh I cannot wait for my new Garmin 305 to arrive this week.  I hate training without it and have missed it so!!!

The one good thing about being able to swim is getting in exercise without giving your legs a beating...that is lacking at the moment!

It was amazing over the course of the past week how much strength has returned to my left arm.  Last weekend, sitting on the computrainer and moving around was awkward but felt good to go this past weekend.  DYING to get back outside on the bike with all this gorgeous weather!!!  I have a follow-up appointment Monday 7/11 with more Xrays.  Question is can I wait until after that to ride outside?  I was thinking about an easy test ride tonight with the husband to see how it felt.  Hard not to be outside riding as I am oh-so-inspired with watching the tour!!!

Way to go Cadel yesterday....!  Love watching the American teams do well (even if Cadel is Australian, he is totally kewl by me and even shares my maiden last name!!!)

Oh and I rode my motorcycle for the first time post crash on Monday.  It felt ok but turns and stops could have felt better.  Thinking I will give it a little more time before riding motorcycle far or much.

Ok, back to work for me!


Matty O said...

Wow, you are an animal! Great job getting back into training again.

Glad things appear to be feeling better for you too, that pain is nothing but miserable. I can only imagine how shampoo from your hair feels on the road rash (that always burnt the most when I was injured)

Keep playing it smart, post accident... don't feel bad if you take a recovery day or two more than you typically would... give your whole body time to get back to one piece.

Heather-O said...

Glad your recovery is coming along so quickly! You are amazing!

tracie said...

sooooo glad to hear you are on the mend!!! :)