Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mad Monday Report a couple days late & TT Report

Things definitely got shook up with the holiday but it is the off season, right?

Monday 11/24
AM - Reddy Swim Workout-1100 yards
Noon-1 mile Run (ankles feel wrecked from Sundays long icy towpath run), 30 min stationary bike (9.75 Miles)
Tuesday - 6x400's ran 4.5 miles total
Wednesday - 14 mile mtn biked at Rays
Thurs - 1.5 mile warmup, turkey trot (6.5 Miles)
Friday (off, shopped!)
Saturday-18 mile Buckeye Trail Run with A&B, 24 mie road bike ride with hubby (TIRING DAY)
Sunday-8.25 M Run with Bob & Jim

Weekly Totals
Swam-1100 yards
Mtn Biked-14 Miles
Road / Stationary Bike-33.75
Ran -42.75

TT Report
Well I must say again that I did not perform up to my expectations. I am going to use the excuse that it was my legs. I was not sure if it was the mtn biking the evening before, the cold or what. Whatever the case about 2 miles from the end they just filled with lactic acid and hurt terribly, especially up the West 3rd hill.

After chatting with friends at the expo and warming up with CV, I lined up ready to go. Since E was not there to yell at me (just kidding) I pulled my headphones over my ears ready to rock out to a new playlist. With the start I was off. I was jockeying for position left and right with the mob of people rocking out to Crue's Shout at the Devil. I was feeling good and just running my own race. Mile 1 6:35

I wondered if it was too fast for a 5 miler as this was not a 5K. Oh well, I felt fine. Around the city and down the hill I ran settling into my pace. Mile 2 6:32, Still feeling good.

I hate the middle part of the race when you realize just how much further you have to go and I was starting to wish it was just a 5K. My legs started to feel worse and I knew I was slowing. Mile 3 7:01

Then my leg muscles starated to really tighten. Every muscle felt tight as could be. One girl in the Hermes series in my age group passed but I let her go on, knowing I still had the hill and I was secretly hoping I could catch her after the hill. Mile 4-7:30 At this point I refused to look at my watch knowing it would make me mad.

I was suffering that last mile. Aerobically I think I felt fine but my legs were quite another situation. The hill was painful and I felt like I was barely moving! CV passed and I dug as deep as I could to pick it up. At the top I was surprised to see that we were already heading into the finish instead of looping around. I tried to close the gap on CV. She must have known I was coming because before long we were both near a full sprint. Again she got me by an hair and I was lucky she helped push me to work a little harder. Mile 5 7:49, 3rd ag, total time 34.21.

Going into the race I wanted to break 34. No dice there. I was SOOO SORE after this race. I could not believe how wrecked my legs were R,F, S, S and just started to feel better Monday. One race left for 2008. Time to lay in on the line and finish the year off right.

I guess if there is a silver lining, I have raced the turkey trot for years now and even with my legs shutting down, it was still my fastest trot. Now I want my fastest Reindeer Run!



EbethS said...

Way to go Janet on a new TT PR and hope your leg is much better

duchossois said...

Despite your leg issues, you beat your previous best time by a half-minute. Go you!

E-Speed said...

now lets hope for a reindeer pr tomorrow!