Monday, December 29, 2008

Mad Monday Update 12/29

The last few days of rolling with it.....

Yes, I know some people are not big on the New Years Resolutions but I have always found it to be a perfect time to refocus my energy on what matters to me. It is a time to think about my nutrition and my training and to start gearing up for the many events of the new year. This week I sat down with my 2009 calendar and started plotting out what 2009 may hold. Strangely, I feel like this 2009 schedule is rather bare at this point, but I have this feeling that it will fill up in no time.

Notable events that are definitely on the calendar for the first part of the year include-

* Winter Buckeye 50K Run (1/18)
* Youngstown 1/2 Marathon (3/8)
* Pittsburgh Marathon (5/3)
* Mohican Mtn Bike 100K (5/30)
* Xterra One (7/19)

Other than that, I am tenatively planning to add in some 5K's to keep the speed up, a couple bicycle races, a couple more Xterra's (XTERRA Torn Shirt MI 6/21, XTERRA M2Xtreme NY 8/21/08), a couple mtn bike races, some centuries and of course a few more tri's (maybe another half). Oh yeah and perhaps some more du's and runs (starting with Dirty Dog 10K, Chili Bowl 5 K, St Malachi....!).

So in rolling with it, things were not exactly where I wanted them to be, but during the holidays I will let it slide!

M 12/22-
Lunch-5 Miles Run
Eve-11 Miles Mtn Biked at Rays (Felt great and did about a zillion loops on the pump track. The thing I like about Rays is there is always something new to play on or try)
T 12/23 - OFF, busy
W 12/24 - 12.5 Miles Ran with SERC on some very icy roads
R 12/25 - OFF for XMAS!
F 12/26 - Swam 900 yards (zoomers blistered toe, cut workout short to hit spin class), Spin Class (70 min, at least 20 miles covered I'd assume), Ran 2 miles, abs
S 12/27 - 15.25 Miles Ran on VERY muddy Buckeye Trail on Vertical Runnner Waterfalls Group Run, 24 miles biked on road with hubby (Omigoodness, I was a waterlogged, dirty, sweaty, muddy mess all day. With the warm temps, my asthma flared and killed my chest so I cut the run a bit of these days I will learn to carry my inhaler!)
S 12/28 - 11.5 Miles Ran with SERC

Week Totals--
Swam - 900 Yards :-(
Mtn Biked - 11 Miles
Road / Spin - 44 Miles
Ran - 46.25 Miles

Some pics from the last week!

The VR Run included lots of very cold water crossings!

I think the ski resort workers thought we were nuts when our muddy feet emerged from the woods!

Group Shot at Blue Hen Falls

Group Shot at Buttermilk Falls

Yes, it was a bit muddy!

Needless to say, the waterfalls run was a blast!

This one was Christmas at my hubby's moms. She has 10 of these lil 5 week old fluff balls at her house and I just wanted to bring this lil guy home with me!


Brian said...

maybe i'll let you run with me in yougstown again. :) ha you'll be kicking my butt

JenC said...

I don't know how you resist those puppies - too darn cute!

Kim said...

that waterfalls run looks awesome!!! happy holidays janet!

TrainingtoTri said...

Wow that looks like a great run! Can you believe you got to wear shorts in DEC. I'm sure 2009 will be a fantastic racinig year for you. Hope to join you on some bike/runs late in the season.

That puppy is toooo cute!

solarsquirrel said...

AWESOME pics! I can't believe how high the water was!

triguyjt said...

wow!!! 100 k mountain bike...

you are tough

Joann said...

That run looks like it was a lot of fun! Happy New Year!