Monday, November 24, 2008

Mad Monday Update 11/24...Hello Winter!

FIRST and foremost, congratulatins to my girl, Beth, who is heading to BOSTON!!! SHE ROCKS and I knew she was going to do it! She kicked butt at the Philly mary and has had quite a breakthrough year! So sending a huge HOODIHOO to her!

So winter has arrived in Cleveland to the tune of over a foot of snow at my house. It appears the snow and lingering chilly temperatures are here to stay. I miss my warm sunshine so much already!

Yet, one special fella in my house seems rather excited about this change in seasons. Oh how he loves the snow and chasing snowballs and biting snow. The one drawback is he needs an area shoved to take a squat as he will not go when the snow is super high!

I am still not hitting the targets I want to hit so I need to plan out my workouts a little better I think. My salvation is that I tell myself this is my off season so it is OK to miss some stuff and do what I want.

Monday- 5 miles 39:30, upper body workout
Tuesday- 1000 yard AM swim, 3 hours at Rays Mtn Bike Park (~12 miles)
Wednesday- 55 minute spin class, abs, 7 miles on treadmill (5 X 1000's at 6:07 pace)~57:30
Thursday - 1600 yard AM swim, 4 Miles treadmill
Friday - 3 hours at Rays Mtn Bike Park (~12 miles)
Saturday - 4.5 miles (Pigskin Run)
Sunday - 15.7 Miles on Buckeye Trail

Weekly Totals
Road / Spin Bike - 17 Miles
Mtn Bike - 24 Miles
Ran - 36.2 Miles
Core - Upper Body (1), Abs (2)
Swam - 2600 Yards (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??)

Pigskin Run
Ran my first 5K in a couple months. Lesson learned was that I need to rely more on myself than other runners. I felt like I was really holding back the first 1.5 miles and did not taken full advantage of the downhill and wind at my back. Then when I tried to close the gap on the 6 ladies in front of me (3 of whom were ages 15,15 & 16) it was in to the wind and uphill and just too late! Even though the course is far from a PR couse I was a bit disappointed in my time and will need to work harder next time. I will call it a draw though as I beat my time from last year and was the first female from the RR series so that is good for my standing.

Mile 1 6:17
Mile 2 6:39
Mile 3 7:15 (W3rd hill)
Total Time: 21:04, 6:49 pace

I am running the 5 mile Turkey Trot in Cleveland Thursday and I think my goal will be hold that pace for 5 and hopefully break 34.

Other Tidbits-

After an incident over the weekend, I am planning to carry my cell phone on a regular basis while training outdoors. You just never know what may happen and it is better to be safe.

For my spring marathon, I am moving forward with planning to run the Pittsbugh Marathon and am pretty excited about it!


Jodi said...

Those pictures are precious!



TrainingtoTri said...

Those pics of your dog are too cute!

Brian said...

OK. I watched that stupid show last night. The bought a miniature horse. How can you like that show? Am I just getting too mature? What is this world coming to?

duchossois said...

Excellent week, with great swimming numbers. Love the photos! I wish I loved snow that much.

allanjel said...

Thanks for believing in me :)

Way to go grabbing the RRS points lady!! I am not sure if I was more bummed to not run the pig or drink with you after!!

Sensationally Red said...

Love the pictures. Good idea--take a cell phone with you. Mine came in handy last weekend when we got lost on the trails and I needed to tell my family I was going to be late.

GP said...

Oh, that West 3rd hill. I didn't run the Pigskin, but I trotted the Turkey yesterday. I think the only thing that would make it worse is if it were lined with people yelling obscenities and throwing rotten fruit at you. So, great time!

And, oh, how cute is your pooch? It almost makes the snow worth it. For a few minutes.