Monday, December 22, 2008

Mad Monday Update 12/22

Dashing through the snow....

Yes, another week in the books. I have now officially made it to winter and it feels like it!!! Thank goodness days will now be getting longer!

This week old man winter treated me to a cold which sidelined me for a couple days. However sometimes I find that the best thing I can do when I am sick is to get some exercise and I start to feel more normal again as I sweat out the poisons.

Mon 12/15 - 5 miles treadmill ladders ~38:30, lifted bi's, tri's, chest
Tues 12/16- AM 7 Mile Run with BM & CV, noon 5 mile Run with E
W 12/17 & R 12/18 - OFF, felt like crap
F 12/19 - 6 Miles Ran on treadmill as it was nasty outside(forced myself to get going, almost quit after a mile and then again after two, but kept going and eventually felt better)
S 12/20 - 21 Mile Trail Run on Buckeye Trail- Still not feeling 100% and aerobic system definitely seemed to overload easier and take a little more time to recover, but just happy to get it in!
S 12/21 - Reddy Swim Clinic (no idea on the yards but definitely dig these clinics!)
- 10 Miles Mtn Biked. Yeah my dumb self decided since it was actually sunny that we should go ride outside. It was 12 outside but who knows how cold it actually was with the wind chill.

Totals (A little lighter than planned with the off days and being sick)
Ran - 44 Miles
Biked - 10 Miles (Mtn)
Swam - 2000 Yards??


TriShannon said...

This is what you do when you are sick? You are crazy!

Mike said...

Hope you are feeling better, if not I hope you start to! Happy Holidays!

duchossois said...

That's a good week in nasty weather. When I was running on Sunday here in New Jersey, in the early morning, in terrible weather, I was passed by a mountain biker, who was really struggling with the icy conditions. Here's the funny part, I thought "Daisy would probably be crazy enough to do that." Then I read your blog and you were out there, are crazy.

Brian said...

hey psycho. You can take some time off when you are sick and feel like hell. You are a nut. Thanks to you and Joey for the intro to mountain biking.