Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Madness 12/8

I feel like I have been caught in some sort of bad dream lately. Well suffice it to say, I work in the investment industry so times are tough. Went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and ended up losing a large amount of cash. Still haven't figured out how that happened except to know that it must have happened at lunch. Then last night we had the fun Clev Tri Club banquet and my hubby and I went to leave at 10PM. Within the mile, something felt wrong with the car and my husband pulled over and got out to look. Front flat tire. Walked around the car...make that two front flat tires. WTF? We had not hit anything. So again as it does every single year my AAA card came in handy and I made the call for a tow.

Tow was said to be an hour and a half so I decide to call a friend, BM, that lived close to wait it out. Bet he is wondering why he took that call now. We waited nearly 2 hours and finally they called to say help should be there so BM drove us to the car about midnight. Only AAA had sent a service vehicle who thought he would just fix a flat. Aghhh, that was not going to help. So another call to AAA and supposedly another 45 minutes. We got a little scenic tour around the city and waited with BM (up for good samaritan award of the year in my book). Finally about 2, the tow truck came. After getting loaded up, we were finally on the way our to Joey's parents house in Garrettsville. Unloaded the car, stole one of his parents cars and finally made it home about 3:15 AM.

Ended up texting the boss I would work remotely on Monday as this scenario was going to take some sorting out. Did I mention that I bought 4 brand new tires less th an a month ago which cost me over $800? Anyway after prying myself out of bed, the hubby got the tires off and we cannot seem to find anything to cause the issue. Now I am sitting at Borders as the tire place tries to figure out the dealio. Somebody please wake me up from this stupid annoying dream. Did I mention I am SOOO tired and I went to bed over 5 hours past my bed time? Please tell me that this is not going to cost me to fix this on top of this all. My poor hubby has been so good through all this and really is not enjoying me including him in my bad dream. Life can be a beeach soome times.

Anyways, today is looking like an off day. Last week went as such-

T - 6.5 mile run with BM
W - 4.5 mile run with MJ & E
R - 6 mile treadmill run with CV (47)
F- 6.7 mile run with E, 6 miles Mtn Biked at Rays
S -5.5 miles ran including reindeer run 5K, 5K time 21:16 (6:52 pace). Went out feeling fine and after a mile my legs again tightened up terribly causing me to slow down quite a bit. Got 1st in AG, but couldn't help to be a little disappointed. Need to figure out why this has happended the last 2 races.
S-18.5 miles ran on BT with AS and BS

Ran-47 miles
Mtn Bike-6
Swim-- 0 - :-( mornings were not happening, I will get back on the ball this week.


duchossois said...

OK, time for your luck to change...seriously. Despite everything, you still got a good week of running in. Nice long run.

Brian said...

Instead of going to bed you should have just pushed it and gone for a night run.

That sucks

But at least you threw a nice party and everyone seemed to have a good time.

GP said...

The way I see days like this... you're just getting all the crap out of the way in one fell swoop. Here's to an entire year of good karma to you!

It looks like your spirits were A-OK enough to push through the runs, so good for you for not letting the external junk get in your way.

TrainingtoTri said...

Wow that sounds like a bad turn of luck!!!

triguyjt said...

daisy....sorry you had to go through that crap....

amazing that you nearly got to 50 miles for the week....

great long run...

TriShannon said...

That sounds terrible! What a horrible night. I hope you got it all resolved.

Remember that time in college when your car (or your sister's car?) broke down and we had to push it? Not sure where we had gone, but we were not in Oxford. How funny must we have looked!