Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Saturday morning I was flying high! I headed out to the Buckeye Trail for a fun 20 miler. Although it took us 4.5 hours and I fell on an icy rock in the creek, I felt fantastic after running in the 27 degree weather. Some days you run with a fantastic group and you talk and laugh and you realize you are done before you know it. I must be getting used to the trail as I was not unbelievably fatigued like I used to get after a long trail run as I worked muscles I was not used to using.

As the day wore on and the snow started to fall, I started to feel stuffier and stuffier. I was a bit bummed that night as the roads were so crappy that my hubby had to go plow and we had to miss not one, but two parties that were on the agenda for that evening. It was just as well, I suppose (YET I HATE TO MISS A GOOD PARTY, ESPECIALLY A DISCO PARTY WITH OLE FRIENDS!!!) as I my headcold was angry by the time I went to bed.

I awoke Sunday with my head in the clouds, as I got up to go run in Solon. The snow had turned to rain and I was not sure what the roads were like. I felt awful. Without too much delay I returned to bed to bury my pressured head beneathe the covers. I had intentions to run that morning and also to get in a trainer ride. After pushing it back and pushing it back, it never did happen.

It is Wednesday now and I still feel icky. I have managed to get workouts in the last 2 days and really it is the only time the sinus pressure feels better. I like to think that as my cold wet sweat soaks my clothes that my germs are being sweat out. I think today I finally feel a bit better than the last three days, but still not good. Why does it always seem that you get sick on the weeks that you have the most on and you are so busy when all you want to do is rest????


Dana said...

Because that's usually how fate works! Hope you get better soon.

tracie said...

hope you're feeling better soon! :)

Kim said...

ugh getting sick anytime sucks, but getting sick on the weekends when you want to run/do stuff/party/during the holiday even worse! get better!

E-Speed said...

get better girl! Rest up for those medium runs this weekend!

JenC said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather buddy. Get well soon!

GP said...

It's Murphy's Law or Johnson's Law or somebody else's reason for that always happening. True, there's no good time to get sick. But there are worse times.

I hope you get better fast.

Maybe it was just your body's way of telling you to take a rest. Even if you didn't want to right now!