Friday, December 14, 2007

2007 Reflection

No more races for 2007! It seems a natural time to take a moment to reflect on 2007.

This year I completed 33 official events. This year included 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons, 1 full century ride, 2 metric century rides, 1 half ironman and a bunch of other stuff!

The List --
1 3-Feb Dirty Dog 10 K - 57:36 (9:16 pace) 2nd OF
2 17-Feb Chili Bowl 20:45 (6:40 pace) 1st Age
3 4-Mar Youngstown 1/2 Mar 1:47:26 (8:11 pace) 2nd Age
4 10-Mar St Malachi 5 Mile 33:32 (6:42 pace) 2nd Age
5 31-Mar Jog Into Spring 5K 20:29 (6:35 pace) 1st OF
6 7-Apr Spring Classic Half - 1:40:21 (7:39 pace) 1st Age
7 21-Apr Old Oak Run 5K 20:28 (6:35 pace) 3rd OF
8 22-Apr Socius Search 10K (39:25-SHORT) 3rd OF
9 28-Apr Hermes 10 Miler 1:13:45 (7:23 pace) 2nd Age
10 29-Apr Buzzard Du 3M R/15M B/3M R-1:33:13 3rd OF
11 6-May Silver Springs Du Intl 5K/17.5M/5K 20:30/57:58/20:50-1:38:37 1st OF
12 20-May Cleveland Marathon 3:38:32 BQ!!!
13 9-Jun Irish Festival 5K 20:40 (6:39 pace) 1st OF
14 10-Jun Sunday in June Metric Century Had Fun!!! n/a
15 16-Jun Jim Klett 10K 44:17 (7:07 pace) 2nd OF
16 24-Jun Alum Creek Intl Du-5K/40K/5K 21:13/1:13:18/48:44-2:25:35 2nd OF
17 4-Jul North Canton YMCA 34:42 (6:56 pace) 2nd Age
18 22-Jul Columbus International Du-5K/40K/5K 21:56/1:12:05/48:44-2:26:23 2nd OF
19 29-Jul Sweet Corn Century Ride Rode 60, flats!!! n/a
20 2-Aug Twilight Trail Run Humid!!! 1st fem team
21 12-Aug Greater Cleveland Half Iron 5:34:06 5th OF, 1 AG
22 1-Sep STOMP Metric Century Ride Time Flew! n/a
23 8-Sep Mantua Potato Stomp 1:08:08 (7:34 pace) 4th OF $!
24 9-Sep Cleveland Clinic 1/2 marathon 1:48:25 (so sick) zilch
25 16-Sep Portage Lakes Duathlon Intl 1:23:27 (20:42/38:33/22:07) 1st OF
26 29-Sep Akron Marathon Relay Team Time -3:02:47 (6:58 pace) 2nd Overall female Team
27 30-Sep Powerman Ohio 3:30:05, tough! nada, but Worlds Invite
28 7-Oct Chicago Marathon Sweated & finished w/ cousin just fun!!
29 20-Oct Stomp the Grapes 1/2 marathon 1:45:41 2nd Age
30 5-Nov Autumn Leaves Run - 5M 38.11 with fun footing! 4th OF
31 17-Nov Pigskin Classic-5K 21:11 (6:52 pace) 4th OF
32 22-Nov Turkey Trot-5 Miler 34:56 (6:59 pace) 2nd Age
33 1-Dec Reindeer Run 5K 20:18 (6:35 pace) 1st Age


The Highlights!!

* Fat Rabbit Racing International Battle of Ohio International Duathlon series and 1st overall female!

* Hermes Road Race Series - 3rd overall female!

* Boston Qualification!

* First half ironman and event finished 1st in my age group and 5th overall!

* Running with cousin for her first marathon!

Most of all, the biggest highlight was the truly wonderful friends and memories while training and racing these events!


Jodi said...

Girl, you are amazing! I wonder what next year will bring!



Michele said...

WOW!!! What a year you have had.
Impressive just to do that many events but you also did well at them all. Congrats.

TriSaraTops said...

Awesome job! Can't wait to join ya for a few in '08! :)

Charlie said...

It has been a great year for you.
You always were at the finish waiting for the rest of us.

B Bop said...

The best is yet to come....

B Bop said...

...and big congrats on one helluva year.

Kim said...

wow lady, what a year. what a f$$king fantastic year for you. congrats!

JenC said...

You're insane, but that is why we like you! Fabulous season!