Monday, December 03, 2007

Ending with a PR!

Well Saturday I ended the season on a high note with another PR. Despite the fact that I feel I am not in optimal condition and my speedwork has definitely been lackluster, I managed to pull out a 10 second PR on the day!

It was a great day all and all despite being on the cold side around 27 degrees. The Reindeer Run is a nice flat fast course which is an out and back with a loop at the turnaround. I enjoyed a nice 30 minute warm up with Salty and ESpeed and then we wrapped things up with some strides which was a new thing for me and something I will try to incorporate in the future.

As we lined up I took off behind E and JP. Mile 1 6:15. It seemed that I was jockeying for position more than I wanted and I felt I needed to back off a bit as I was tiring. I came into the day with some extremely sore hamstrings from hard bodies class on Thursday and did nothing to loosen things up on Friday like I had originally planned.

During mile 2, two girls passed me and I let them go. The footing was a little rough which slowed the mile a bit but mostly it was just me slowing down. Mile 2 6:50.

Ouch, 6:50 disappointed me a bit as I thought it would be next to impossible to break 20. Oh well there would be other days, but I did try to pick it up a bit knowing there was only a mile to go.

Mile 3 6:34. Final 0.1, 39 sec. I finished in 20:18 (~6:35 pace), a PR by 10 seconds! While it was not below 20, it was a PR, so who can complain!

To make things better ESpeed, JP, Salty, and JT all PR'd and ran fantastic races!!! There was much to cheer for at the awards ceremony as Salty claimed 3rd overall female with a smoking fast time of 18:49, E got 1st in Age Group (HUGE PR with a 19:23!!), JT got 3rd in AG, JP got 1st AG and I got 1st AG. Luckily for this group of gals we have our ages spread out nicely between the 25-39 groups!!!


E-Speed said...

You did awesome! Next year is going to be an interesting one with all of us getting better at all disciplines!

Jodi said...

You rock! How nice is it to have such a great group of ladies to cheer each other on!



Lana said...

Great job! And congrats on the PR! You've had a great year!

tracie said...

Great job! It was a great day for a race, wasn't it?? :)

Michele said...

awesome!congrats on the PR.
Me and my girls are all spread out covering all the age groups too, just wish i didn't have to be on the higher end;)

B Bop said...

Indeed, the PR is an appropriate way to wrap up a successful year.

Well done.

Charlie said...

Congrats on an amazing year. What a perfect ending.
I am ready to follow the Boston journey.