Thursday, December 06, 2007

Swimming update!

Are you sitting down?

I have swam two days in a row this week! Gasp!

Yes, it is true due in no small part to ESpeed who has got me swimming with her. She still zooms through the water tons faster than me but I am hoping that a little more pool time will pay off.

Last year my general swim workout was on my lunch hour when I would drive to the gym, change as quick as I could, swim 1000 yards, shower and get ready and drive back to work all in that hour.

The 1000 yards was always just a straight set at an easy to moderate pace. No drills, nothing working with speed.

Now E has me trying all sorts of things. Since we started swimming together I have learned pull drills and kick drills, worked with shorter fast sets, and I have even been enjoying it!!!

As a benchmark for me to reference later (no laughing at my times please!!!)

100 meters free 2:02 first set. Other ssets around 2:06-2:07.

200 meters free 4:17. Other sets around 4:20+

Then I tried a little test to see how my 200 free compared to my 200 pull. I have always known I had issues with my lower half dragging in the water and not being as efficient with my kick as I should be. I try to work on pushing my chest down to bring up my rear end.

200 meter pull 4:13 - Yup, faster without kicking with just my little swim floaty thing between my legs (OK, not down with the swim lingo either!!!)

All in all I have been so excited about having someone to swim with who can even teach me stuff!!!!


E-Speed said...

LOL if you make it tonight it will be 3 days! Bring your fins! The blue and white float thing is a Pull Buoy :)

I'm glad we've got you swimming. You'll be a fish soon and a shark before you know it!

Steve Stenzel said...

ESpeed has a way of getting people pumped up!!....

B Bop said...

Once you put in a little time in the water you are gonna tear the long courses up next summer!!!!!

My $.02...Don't try to sink your chest to pop up your feet in the water, sink your head. It will feel like your swimming "downhill" until you get used to it.