Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hinckley Du Pics!

So thanks to Kurt from SERC and CTC, I have my first ever smiling event pictures. Usually my face has some sort of contorted "I can't breathe" or over the top serious look on my face! So thought I would share. The pictures clearly show how much I was enjoying myself out there at the du this weekend!!!

Finish lines equal smiles...at least in this rare case!!

Bike positioning could have been better but give me a break!


Jodi said...

Cool pics! Now I expect to see an even bigger smile at the finish line of RiteAid!!!!!



Mallie said...

Great pics, girlie. You look strong, proud and happy. That's a great combo. This is something to take with a grain of salt, as there's no way I can tell anything definitive from a couple pics, but it looks to me like you could raise your seat a bit on the bike. Something to check if you start noticing any back/knee issues.

JenC said...

You look HAWT! Great pics buddy!

Papa Louie said...

Sunshine and smiles make for a great race. Congratulations!

E-Speed said...

glad to know Kurts alive. He isn't returning any of my emails or calls.

Your photos look great!

Kim said...

lady, you are JACKED! how do you get your arms so damn toned???