Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random thoughts Wednesday

If I had a dollar everytime I hurt myself I could be rich by now. The current list of hurt body parts include-

- The deep bruise on my right calf I got when shifting my weight standing on an upside cupboard while helping to hang shelves caused from a playful finger to the ribs by funny husband which caused me to jump off balance which sent the cupboard on its side and into my calf. It is a week and a half old and still looking ugly!

- The bruise and gouge on my left knee from helping my husband carry an air compressor downstairs where I accidentally moved my leg too far forward going down stairs and drove my knee into the screw on the bottom of the stupid aircompressor.

-The chunk missing on my thumb from smashing my hand between a dresser and the doorway seconds after my husband said to watch out...too late!

Maybe the first three things I will just blame on my hubby or doing too much work around the house! Either way, I realized that I still remember swear words...!

- The blisters just under the creases of both big toes from running in wet shoes at the Hermes 10 miler ...I think the fact that my old shoes which I wore were slightly past their prime and the fact I run so much on the balls of my feet might have contributed!

- The three toenails I have trying to come off...blah, just in time for sandal season! Sexy!!!

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.

Sometimes things you thought were long gone, have a way of resurfacing, especially if you finally just replaced them.

Finally replaced my long lost running coat with a navy one that I was not as excited about but it was a good price at Marshall's last Saturday. Monday, I moving furniture only to find a drawer-full of my workout clothes including my running coat, CTC jersey and more that I had randomly stuffed in the empty dresser at some point. Figures...but happy to see the stuff all the same!!!


Jodi said...

I am SOOOOO with you on this one. Half the bruises I have on my body I don't have any idea of the cause. When you get to the level of clumsiness that we occupy, you just immediately forget injuries until they come back as a bruise or training tic!


E-Speed said...

Ouch I think during your taper you need to avoid housework as well as too much running!

Mallie said...

At least you know where the bruises and scratches came from. Nothing worse than those phantom injuries. I agree with e-speed, you need to take a break from renovations and other house related projects...they're KILLING you!

I have a black big toe that's been that way since an AR last July. It's fallen off three times and it comes back black. We call it the "bubonic" toe!

The Salty One said...

Haha! I am the same way! I had an intense month of remodeling followed by moving two weeks before the Columbus marathon. I'd do a long run and then go to my house and scrape disintegrated carpet foam off the hardwood floors, haul debris, and scrub everything.

And it's bad enough when I don't have some big manual labor project going on. I currently have a beautiful 3rd degree burn on my hand from taking pizza out of the oven, a bruise on my arm from slamming it into the bedroom door--no I wasn't carrying anything heavy, just walking. I also wacked myself in the eyeball using a rubber band thing to stretch my leg the other day.

Maybe it's a female athlete thing? Whatever it is, I think we should wear our scrapes, bruises, and scars with pride! We ain't no wusses, that's for sure!