Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not the brightest....!

Okay so maybe I need to realize I am not a superhero. I am not invincible and apparently accident prone!

Friday, my crosstraining was an easy day of rollerblading. Now I had a training buddy that thought this may be a bad idea, but all went well for me! I headed out with a friend out at the Metroparks for some catching up. Note to any potential new inline skater...do not attempt to learn on a hilly course!!!! Lucky for me, I have spent my share of time on my skates and my main workout that day was my right shin muscle from riding heavy on my brake escorting my friend down the hills!

Saturday morning, I went out with BB for a leisurely ride out in my lovely country roads complete with lots of nice rolling hills. I was totally pysched to find they had finished paving the one main road by house with a buggy lane. The road was so smooth like glass!!

Saturday night I gambled with my well-being again when I got to my grandpa's 81st birthday party. My uncle had stored his dirt bikes there for the winter and so what's a group supposed to do??? I hopped on the Honda 250 and ripped around through the long yard as other family members raced around on the Yamaha 125 and the Tomos Moped. I watched my uncle crash the moped when a pedal got caught in the ground. Then my ornery husband hoisted a wheelie aimed at my cousin on the Moped which scared him. This caused my cousin to crash the moped as my husband cried with laughter.

Then I went tearing down the yard on the Yamaha 125 and grabbed a handful of front brake and it spit me off the bike around 20 mph. I sailed through the air and slid across the grass, just barely escaping the impending face plant. I got a fair amount of grass stain, a nice bruise on the inside of my right knee, but I just brushed myself off and hopped back on. Grass stain shows character, ya know???

After many laughs and a moped / dirtbike collision, we put the bikes away and called it a night!

Sunday I woke up feeling a little sore from my prior evening's oops. I slid on the right side of my rib cage but my left one feels a bit sore. It did not really bother me, but I can feel there is a soreness there. I am not sure if I pulled something or if it is some sort of bruise. Oh well, so goes my clutzy life. I headed out the door for a beautiful 8 mile run. No rib pain at all, but could feel the bruise on my knee a bit. I ran it at a pace a good clip above my planned marathon pace without struggling. I had slept in and was running a little late on the days events which led to me running a little faster. Yes, me feeling pressed for time is a very frequent occurence!

Monday, I met up with an instructor from a training seminar that I took back in November. During the week long class we had got to talking about cycling. He lives in Columbus and brings his bike up here to ride when he is in town so we had talked about riding together. I mapped out a course out of Valley View as he was staying right down the road in Independence. Unfortunately it was one hilly route and he was struggling to get up what he said was the longest hill he had ever climbed. I don’t think they get a lot of hills in Columbus. Thankfully I was able to enjoy one of my easiest rides of around 20 miles.

Tuesday, I woke up for my last scheduled speed workout. I did a 1.5 mile warm-up, 6x400's at a 6 min pace with .1 mile recoveries and a short cooldown. I was slightly pressed for time again as I was slow to drag my butt out of bed. The run went well, but when I was really pushing and breathing heavy I could still feel the soreness in my rib. The bruised knee is no longer noticeable unless the husband pushes on it!

So minus the dirtbike incident, all things going well. I am feeling ready for the race and vow that I will be careful these last few days! I have a really light next couple of days planned. Contrary to what some of you may think, I am enjoying having a reason to take it easy this week!


Charlie said...

It is funny how our bodies get their pre race rest one way or another.
Mine threw me on some train tracks last Sunday.
You have really worked hard for this race. I am sure you have a big race raging in you right now. A little rib soreness never stopped any one.
Have a great race. I will be camped out at the finish line.

TriSaraTops said...


Well, maybe you can base jump a few times. But the rest are no-nos. I'm gonna tie you down with a chain.


I'll be doing a water stop on Lake Avenue around mile 6! Will look for you!

Jodi said...

There's nothing wrong with being accident prone as long as you're made of steel. You've already proved that! Can't WAIT to hear all about the marathon!



Mallie said...

Well, I'm not "glad" to hear you banged yourself up. But I am glad to hear that someone else, besides me, manages to hurt themselves when not training! I walked into our truck's mirror when I was leaving at the buttcrack of dawn last Saturday. Huge bruise on my arm. Looks like el Jefe grabbed me!

I can't wait to hear about the race. I'm sure you're going to absolutely nail it!

JenC said...

Lady, you are a dare devil! This actuary is afraid to do anything else besides swim, bike, run, yoga for fear of injuring myself. Good luck with the rest of your taper. Stay safe!

Craig said...

Good luck with the Cleveland Marathon! Keep the gravity games, like bungee jumping off the Carnegie bridge until after the race.

The Salty One said...

Heh! I love the dirt bike pic!!

Be careful! You're not clumsy, you're just evil knevil!

Best of luck on Sunday. I hope you have a perfect race!!! When you start feeling bad, remember to push on through because it will pass and you will feel so good at the finish when you see your BQ time on that clock!!!

E-Speed said...

girl you are wild! Love the shades ;)

Now rest up and be careful until the race! Are you going to the party at Godales afterwards?

Since TriSara is doing an aid station maybe I will come out and run the last few miles with you...I need to decide what my plans are.