Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Taper Thoughts

Due to being overly busy, I have not had trouble with tapering!!!

Monday-recovered from the busy weekend

Tuesday-FIRST Speed Workout--10 min warm-up, 5X1000's at 6:15 pace, 400 rest intevals, short cooldown. Lunch hour upper body lifting session.

Wednesday-1000 yard swim--First swim in well over a month, started thinking about August Half Iron and realized I best be getting my butt back in the pool. (No New Vision Cycling tonight :-( due to mutual fund Board Meeting I had to attend for better part of the evening)

Thursday--FIRST tempo workout--2 easy-3 hard-1 easy scheduled...6 miles ~43 minutes. Returned home faster than expected and had time to kill, so I took Mr. Matches for a easy jog around the big block which is just over 1/2 mile. Mr. Matches is out of shape and laid down on me twice. Summer goal is to get overweight dog in shape too---slowly but surely! Lunch hour lower body / core weight training session.


I keep flip flopping between which pace group I want to go with-3:40 or 3:35. I really think either would be fine...but ???


A little over a month ago I won tickets on the radio to Rock on the Range, the first concert I have been excited about in forever. Woohoo, was I excited!!! The line up is:

Whitestarr – 12:00pm
2 Cents – 12:45pm
Breaking Benjamin – 1:15pm
Operator – 1:50pm
Buckcherry – 2:20pm
Black Stone Cherry – 3:00pm
Three Days Grace – 3:30pm
Puddle of Mudd – 4:10pm
Chevelle – 4:40pm
Papa Roach – 5:20pm
Hinder – 6:00pm
Velvet Revolver – 7:15pm
Evanescence – 8:35pm
ZZ Top – 9:55pm

Now does that look like one heck of a good day of rockin out or what???

Sadly, I was not paying attention to the date -- 5/19. Notice anything? Oh yeah, is that the day before big marathon that I have trained the last several months for? Yup and if that was not enough the concert is about 2.5 hours from home.

Sadly I gave my tickets to the sold out show to little cousin. Sniff, sniff!!

I so wanted to go to the concert, but I guess I have learned you do have to make some sacfices with racing and training. This lifestyle is afterall worth it in the end!

I am a little sad I will not do a long ride this weekend with such beautiful weather in the forecast...repeat to self...taper time!!!


This weekend, I will do a short ride one day and a 10 mile scheduled run the other day and have plenty of time for other things!!!! Too bad there is so much work to be done, including a deck staining the hubby is trying to put off.

Tomorrow I am excited to head out rollerblading (for the first time this year) with a friend. Oh it is nice to have time to do other random things when you don't have a ton of mileage to get in. Yes, I will take it easy and be careful!

Okay, I am done rambling. Being holed up inside while tapering in this nice weather is not cool. Crossing fingers for nice weather next weekend too.


SkiRough said...

Aww, that sucks that you aren't able to go to the concert. I don't know what I would have picked, I guess the race.

TriShannon said...

Such restraint with the concert!

Enjoy your taper. You've definitely earned it!

Mallie said...

I'm sorry you had to give away your tickets. Just shows how dedicated you are. Enjoy a lighter weekend and don't do too much renovation work. You know it gets you injured!

The Salty One said...

Hmmm. 3:35 or 3:40. If there is a 3:35, I'd go with them. I'm not sure what your weekly mileage is, but I'd say that 3:35 is definitely doable and even a little conservative (but you want that if BQ is your primary goal). I think you could probably negative split a minute or two if you pick it up the last 10k after running with the 3:35 pace group for 20. You must be getting excited!!

PS sorry about the concert--that's always a bummer. My birthday is 2 days before the race (I'm just running the half), so I have to make sure to keep the party tame :(

JenC said...

Bummer about the concert. I will be crossing my fingers for the weather too. I hope we get better weather than last year.

Jodi said...


Hell, you can do 3:30 without batting an eye, girl! Give yourself a little breathing room. That pace is totally doable.



E-Speed said...

I don't think there is a 3:35 pace group. They are usually only in 10 minute intervals. (Otherwise at Pig I would have been on that 3:25 pace group like glue on paper!)

If BQ is really your goal. Go out with 3:40. You can always pull away the last 6 if you are feeling good.

Now if you have decided you won't be happy with 3:40 then by all means go out with the 3:30 group. I have no doubt you can run a 3:30 as long as you taper right and nutrition on race day goes well.

Brian said...

Tapering is oh so sweet this time around! I feel so ready and so should you! Can't wait to see you finish on Sunday!

qcmier said...

Dang I forgot all about that concert. Enjoy the taper.