Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where do my clothes go??

OK so I have been searching endlessly for my favorite running coat for a month now. I have tore apart everything this week I realized that it might have took my CTC jersey with it too.

...Maybe I changed after some race or run and forgot my stinky bag.

...Maybe it is hiding in my closet or house.

...Maybe it decided it was so stinky that it was time to disappear.

....Maybe I just have too many clothes. But as soon as I get rid of something I suddenly decide that I need it. I turned a whole bedroom into a closet at my house and come next winter, it will be a bathroom... so it is definitely time to downsize. I think I may need to have a clothing purging party.

My husband complained today that while he was ironing he stepped on something wet on the floor (I knew b/c I stepped on them this morning too...ewww!). I laughed as I said it was just yesterday's running clothes and that I got some more wet ones in my bag to dump out when I get home.

I just need to get a better system someday with my wet, stinky, training clothes! Yet...wet stinky clothes = good, hard workouts!!!!!


Brian said...

Good luck finding el jacket! Yesterday I found a shirt in a shoe bag and the smell remains after one washing. Going for round two tonight!

TriShannon said...

What... you have too many cloths? :-)

Good luck finding your jacket!!

Mallie said...

If you devise a system that actually works, please let this girl know. With a GA summer on the way, there are going to be lots of wet and stinkies!

JenC said...

I can't find anything either. My RoadID has been MIA for over a week and I keep misplacing mittens.

Matt and I have a separate basket in our closet for "stinkies". We figure, why contaminate the good clothes. : )

Good luck finding your stuff!

qcmier said...

I am lucky to have an extra bathroom and my own garage for my stinky and messy clothes. See you at Hinckley?