Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Old Gym

Everything feels a little messed up this week.

For starters, the weather.

We had beautiful 80 and sun Tuesday and now it is so blustery out that we were awoke in the middle of the night because my husband had to go salt and plow. Yes, got to love Ohio. The worst part is it will be hanging around and now I see a high wind advisory for Friday and Saturday. Perfect half marathon weather!

The gym-

Tuesday I headed my normal gym for a workout only to realize the super nice Jewish Community Center I go to was closed for Passover on April 3, 4, 9, &10. Ooops, not being Jewish I still forget when the holidays pop up. I suppose I should pay better attention to the signs as I rush by on my way out to the office. What am I going to do since I typically hit the place at least once a day during the week?

So I took the opportunity to go back to my old gym Wednesday morning.

Yes, I am pathetic and have 2 gym memberships. My old one was a small, yet nice community gym out 7 miles southeast of where I live which is the opposite direction of work. Work is 27 miles from my house west and the Jewish Community Center is a little over a mile from there, so super convenient. So when I started my new job 7 months ago I joined the gym by the office and though I pay my old gym under my contract, I haven't went in months as the convenience thing always wins out (plus the bigger pool, spin classses, more equipment, ...). It was weird to be back this week. The equipment is moved around and they now have tanning and massage there. There was a new face working...strange I say! But as I took in all the changes I hopped on the treadmill between two familiar faces...some regulars from months ago. At least those have not changed! It just felt so wierd to be back after going there almost daily to this long hiatus and now to be back again, with several wondering what had happened to me.

I suppose I will be hitting the old gym tomorrow since I am off work and not driving to Beachwood and probably Monday and Tuesday due to the holiday closure. The old gym folk will really wonder what is up!


Jodi said...

I'm embarrassed to admit how infrequently I go to my gym! But it's not like I don't train...

Looking forward to our spin/social hour and a half on Sunday. Any time is great with me.

Good luck Saturday! Hope the weather is better than what is forecasted!



TriShannon said...

They are probably wondering where you have been and why you are suddenly back.

Good luck at you half!!