Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scheduling Issues

Sunday 4/15/07 Forecast -
Rain to SnowHi 42ºF, 6ºC Lo 34ºF, 1ºC
Sounds lovely for the first du of the season, doesn't it???
OK, forgive me but I am set to continue my rant about my distaste for our current weather....
Awhile ago I signed up for the Hinckley duathlon but now the weather is going to be so crappy that I am not looking forward to it only on account of the weather. Regardless, I committed to the event and it is one of the events my team is supporting, so I will do it! BUT, why must the weather forecast be so crappy. I can handle running in this but I hate biking in this!!!!
On the other front,I have been going forward back and forth all week on where to fit in my 20 miler on the schedule. I can't do it Sunday because of the du. I want to do it Saturday as I could probably have company. However, clearly if I do a 20 miler Saturday, I will be less than fresh for the du. Does it matter??? I donno how strongly I feel about it.
The trouble is that A: I really don't want to do 20 alone. B: With my work schedule and daylight hours it is pretty much impossible to fit in 20 on a week day.
So I guess my options are Saturday and be tired for the du or split it up on a weekday and do it alone :-( Not feeling like there is a great option here. Any thoughts???
PS I have decided for long runs sake, Saturday races are ideal for me right now.
PSS I have been stretching the booty and it is feeling better!!


JenC said...

I don't know how you keep up this race schedule. You are a machine! I won't be seeing you on Sunday, because I like to stay warm and dry. : ) Seriously, good luck!

As for the 20-miler, can you split it up and it still counts? For example, do 10 miles on Friday night and 10 on Saturday morning? Or, part in the morning and part in the evening? Angela had me do that last year during my marathon training just to get used to running on tired legs.

E-Speed said...

what time is the du over? I know it isn't ideal but I would run an afternoon 20 with you Sunday. Right now I am on tap to run 20 by myself after swim clinic anyways.

TriShannon said...

I'm so with you on the weather. We are supposed to get 6-12 inches tonight. It is April for crying out loud!!

Good luck at the du. I will be sending warm, sunny thoughts your way.

Jodi said...

This weather blows

I did a 3 hour trainer ride at 5am this morning. I kept thinking- when am I going to be able to do this in Amish country????


B Bop said...

If you try to squeeze the run in after the du, you can consider the race mileage & how your feeling and then run 12, 14, 16, 20 (you know your body) easy later in the day....maybe back off a bit during the du, if you can handle not competing @ 110%, which can be difficult :-)

guess it comes down to prioritizing your races and training accordingly.

don't think i'll make this one. i've been trying to keep my cold symtoms @ bay since last weekend and don't think the du would help.

good luck!!!!!!!

Papa Louie said...

I'm hoping the bad weather holds off for you. Have a good time.

Craig said...

7th Annual Buzzard Duathlon has been postponed until April 29th. You can get that 20-miler in now.