Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cleveland Marathon come already!

Ever feel like you are ready for an event and you just want it to get here as you are afraid something is going to pop up and make things more difficult down the road?
I feel confident about my goal for the Cleveland Marathon.
My training has been going well. Lots of long runs in the bag with no problems. The dread of the 18 and 20 milers has disappeared.


I have been having issues for the last week with a wierd pain in my butt. It does not hurt bad, and I don't really notice it when I run, but it is always there when I sit or stand, just a tight, gripping soreness in my behind.
Whazzup with dat???

I am thinking a tight left hamstring is the root of the evil. Must focus on streching.

I just want marathon time to come now to ensure nothing else more serious crops up!

But I guess it can wait a little while as I am disappointed by this weekend's half marathon forecast--snow and high of 31. What is going on with my half marathon weather this year? This will make 0/2 in good weather! Grrrr!


E-Speed said...

yeah saturday's weather is going to blow. Could be worse though! It could be hilly and 14 and snow ;)

Rest that behind! Backing off the pace and mileage for a week may heal it right up. All my little niggles seem to have gone since I had my unplanned training changes the past week.

TriSaraTops said...

Ah, the "phantom pains" are striking! I say stretch stretch stretch...I swear the closer race day gets, the more I start to feel weird little pains...

"Wait, what's that in my ankle? OH NO, IS MY LEG GONNA FALL OFF???!?!!! AGH"

I'm sure it's nuthin, but stretch and rest it a bit just to feel better! :)

The Salty One said...

First, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and it's been so great to read about your recent improvements! Congrats on the win last week! The first one is always so SWEET!

Anyway, I am really commenting because I have had pains similar to the ones you describe. I think it's sciatica, probably caused by a tight piriformis muscle. For me, this is a sign of an impending ITBS flare-up. It's not something to ignore, but it's not something that need slow you down. Check out One of her recent posts is all about how to stretch your butt. Also, make sure you're stretching your hips and IT bands too.

Good luck this weekend!! If the weather isn't super crappy maybe I'll see you. I'm planning on running the 5k unless it's too nasty out.

Hope you feel better!


Jodi said...

I've been having some deep right butt pain since my race. I think it's time to start taking yoga!


Happy racing- you'll be great! Just look at all the bad weather experience you have!


Mallie said...

Maybe go in and see a massage therapist. Folks tell me it can sometimes be hard to stretch out a tight muscle enough on your own. Foam roller or a tennis ball might break up any knots. Hurts like all heck at the time, but such SWEET relief.

B Bop said...

I see someone mentioned sciatica, which i have flare up from time to time and could indeed be described as deep butt pain. pain resulting from sciatica (sometimes) raidates down the effected leg and originates @ the base of the spine. anyways, because i have this problem i know a great butt stretch, which would probably help your tight butt, sciatica or otherwise. it really opens up the whole lower back/butt/upper thigh/outer hip. for the sake of keeping this comment from getting any longer ((catches breathe)) drop me an e-mail @ or i'll show you @ the buzzard du if you're there since i don't think i'm racing this weekend.


B Bop said...

hello again. i just ventured over to the fastchick blog that the salty one mentioned and the first stretch is an adaptation of my favorite one. i use a chair instead of lying on the ground and can thus lean foreward to get a better stretch....but a chair isn't always handy.

seeing how it should be snowing tomorrow i just might head over to the cleveland spring classic for the 5K.