Friday, April 20, 2007

Never slowing down!!!

I slept in a tad this morning. I was exhausted from all of the remodeling my hubby and I have been putting in. I did manage to squeeze in a short outside run before hopping on the bike to come to work...not a bad way to start a Friday!

You see we thought it was this great idea to buy a home, originally built in 1810. And while it may have character, it seems everything just takes longer than it should to fix. I guess at one time the house was a duplex, so we have been slowly trying to open it up. The house had two sets of steps heading downstairs and upstairs, and there were two bedrooms on each side of the upstairs; but you could not walk across to the other side as it was blocked off with a wall. So we closed off one set of steps, framed in some closets, peeled layers and layers of wallpaper off, had to texture one room because the plaster and lathe was crumbling with the wallpaper removal, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Last night we finished the last of the painting on one half of that upstairs. I was rejoicing just before midnight that we were pretty much done with all that crappy work. Now we are just ordering carpet and getting to hang some shelves and decorate---the fun part!!! I will be so excited to see the finished product and finally have a nice bedroom and guest room!

The other half of the upstairs, which will include a bathroom installation will wait until next fall! Thank goodness my husband is pretty handy at this sort of stuff because I just help where I can. I have become a pretty good painter living in this house!

This weekend is more racing!! A 5 K Saturday followed with breakfast with the TriSara & ESpeed and then a 10K on Sunday, both races are part of my Hermes Road Race Series. It is set to be a gorgeous weekend (which I am sooo excited about!) and then then best part is after Sunday's race I will rush home to grab a shower and my bag and head to the airport to fly out to Chicago!!!

I have a conference in Chicago Monday but am heading out Sunday afternoon and staying on until Tuesday night to spend some extra time with my cousin, Arlene. We always have too much fun together so I am just stoked. We plan on a nice combination of some running and some cocktails!!!

Look out Chicago as we are just getting geared up for that October Marathon we are signed up for!!!


Jodi said...

Have fun in Chicago! And don't forget your race reports from this weekend. I'm sure you will kick Bootay!


TriShannon said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work! Have fun in Chicago!

Mallie said...

We're doing some redecorating, thankfully no remodeling, down here. It sure can take a long time, can't it!

Have a great time at the conference and seeing your cousin.

Brian said...

Chicago huh? Good thing to register early because I got shut out last year : (