Thursday, March 15, 2007

This and that

What a crazy week! Yesterday evening was a beautiful 65 degree sunny night and today as I braved my way to the gym before work I cautiously treaded on the ice, slush, and freezing rain. Dang, why can it just not stay warm for good yet???

But I did get to go out and play on this super sick little bike Tuesday night!!! My sweet hubby just got my that new helmet for my birthday which I love to death. I am set to pick up my new motorcyle on Monday so fornately for me, he has two bikes so I got to roll his supermoto as pictured above this week! That little monster is crazy fun! It was a totally rad group of motorcylists we had together for our evening ride; me on the Suzuki DRZ supermoto, hubby on Ducati S2R, Uncle on his Harley, cousin on his Yamaha cruiser, and other cousin on BMW cruiser...rolling with my family motorcyle posse is so sweet!!! Bring on more riding weather!!
The trouble is that there is so much I like to do outside and right now we get so little nice weather that it is always hard to pick what to do-- ride motorcyles, bicycle, run, and on and on!!!

In other news, my hubby parents are on vacation so in addition to some kennel responsibilities at their place, we have a little house guest as well. She is so good and cute that she is welcome to stay as long as she wants.


E-Speed said...

awwe what a cute pup!

I wish it was going to be nice this weekend. I am supposed to do 18-20, blah.

Mallie said...

Oh! She's adorable. I'm guessing your weather won't be great this weekend as we're forecast to drop below freezing again this weekend. Yes! In Georgia. Have fun on your motored cycle.

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday!
Little dogs with smiles sure are cuter than a wild pack.

Ellie said...

Sweet helmet! Sweet bike! Sweet Shepherd? puppy!

I saw on TriAl's blog that you're hoping to qualify for Boston this year -- me, too! Take a swing around to my blog. I've got a Yahoogroup link there for BQ hopefuls! I'd love the company!