Friday, March 23, 2007

The good, the bad, the ugly and the rundown!

We will start with THE BAD-

I am not sure if it is day light savings time or if it is the new mattresses we got, but I have had trouble get my butt out of bed this week. I try to get up during the week at 5:15 (enough time to brush my teeth, dress, grab my bag, and drive 30 miles to the gym to arrive at 6 AM)

This week I totally skipped 2 morning sessions and was late to a few others.


Spin class, followed by missed Key Workout One on FIRST marathon training plan...anyone need a recipe for one sweaty chick???
I did a quick mile w/u (as I was plenty warm already) and started into 2 x (6x 400m) (1:30 RI) (2:30 RI between sets)...surprisingly these felt pretty easy, even after spin class. 400's were always my favorite back in the day! Had to cut the cool down short on account of time, but felt good about the session.

The Good-
Friday arrived late to the gym to make up Thursday's Key Run number 2. It called for 2 miles easy, 3 miles at Short Tempo Pace, 1 miles easy. I hopped on the treadmill, increased the incline slightly, the speed, and my tunes and was off. It felt easy to the point that I held a conversation for 5 minutes during the tempo and when the 3 miles was done, I went longer until I needed to start my cooldown on account that it was time I get ready for work.

Current Question-
When I did my FIRST calculations back in December on my 5K time, it was based on a 22 minute 5K. Now my PR is a 20:45, should I revise my FIRST times down so I am pushing a little harder?? I think I will. If it is too much, I can always go back. Many of my long runs have been over what my PMP plus 30-45 seconds calls for and I have felt good for the most part for all of them.

The Rundown since 3/9

3/10 St Malachi Run - 5 Mile Race 33:32 (6:43 pace)
3/11 20 miler with SERC (2:44 running , 2:59 total)
3/12 rest day
3/13 7 mile FIRST Key Run 1 session- main set 6x800's
3/14 Upper Body Workout
3/15 7 m FIRST Key Run 2 session - tempo run, Lower Body Workout
3/16 1 hour spin class, 1000 yards swam, Upper Body Workout
3/17 16 mile run
3/18 rest day
3/19 45 min bike
3/20 Upper Body Workout
3/21 1 hr spin class, 5.5 miles ran (missed Key run 1 mentioned above)
3/22 Lower Body Workout
3/23 6 miles ran (missed Key run 2 mentioned above), Upper Body Workout

Pretty open weekend on tap, hoping for some sunshine and good training!!!


TriShannon said...

I think day light savings hit me hard this year. I hit snooze several times last week and even with this week being a recovery week with only one morning workout I have still had trouble getting out of bed. No stress... sometimes oyu just need a little more sleep.

Not sure about adjuting the times, but sounds like a good plan. Like you said, you can always go back.

Have a great weekend!!

Dusty said...

Nice runs & times! Happy Birthday!!

E-Speed said...

When I picked my FIRST paces I based then on the marathon time I wanted to run.

See what a 3:35 gives you for paces.

I am guessing you could be doing teh paces I am doing for 3:25 but you may not want to push that hard if you just want to BQ.

You don't want to peak before race day or get burned out before then.

qcmier said...

Wow looks like I've missed a lot here. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I would agree with e-speed on the FIRST paces, but what do I know. I've barely moved of the couch. Your workout schedule puts mine to shame.

Mallie said...

Stop stealing my blog topics! J/K. Sounds like your good definitely beat out your bad and your ugly. Your volume and dedication are, as always, impressive.