Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another pair of new shoes!!

New shoes came my way on Saturday at the best price ever!

They were a lightweight neutral trainer, a well-known brand that I had not realized even made running shoes.

Even though I am an Asics junkie, I was still psyched to try this new product out.

I think I can be called an overpronator who needs some support in my shoes to keep all issues in check.

I was smart enough not to attempt trying them on my 20 mile long run Sunday.

I had a speed workout planned for Tuesday, but it was so gorgeous out that morning that I just needed to try the new shoes out for a run outside!! So I was off on down the road in my new shoes. Pretty cushy, but not feeling so great. A little bit later, "Something kind of hurts" and then " Feet are going numb" and then "Please no blisters now." And then the 5.5 mile jaunt was over. All & all, not really feeling these shoes. I knew going in that these were going to be a short distance pair but they were not even feeling lightweight like I thought they would. A couple years ago I had a lightweight pair of the Nike Air Milers which were so light I just felt faster when I wore them...not supportive enough for long stuff, but I kind of miss them for runs less than an hour.

So, perhaps I should give this pair another chance...they were just getting broke in!

So this morning, laced them back up for my make up speed workout on the treadmill. Ouch, it is not even a mile into my warm and I am hurting. I had a 7 mile workout planned but cut it to 5, my feet hurt. My arches up to my big toes areas hurt and still are a little tender 8 hours later, but thankfully no evident blisters which should nag me. I figure I really did not need the last 2 miles as much as I needed to keep my feet happy!

Guess the shoes are going into my running shoe graveyard. Don't worry, I think I will dig them out for something like aerobics or weight training or just for kicks. I would feel bad had they not been the perfect price.

Note to others...if shoes hurt on day one, a second chance is probably OK, just not the next day!

I have a new pair of Asics waiting for me in the closet so perhaps I will try them out next week!!! No worries here though!


TriShannon said...

That is exactly why I haven't switched shoes in years. It is all Brooks Adrenaline. I have a new pair already in the waiting in the wings.

Hope the feet feel better!! Happy feet are definitely a must!!

Kim said...

i'm an asics junkie too! all other sneaks just feel real funny on my feet.

can you post a pic of the new shoes so i can avoid them???

Kim said...


JenC said...

I always want to try new shoes, but am such a coward. Good for you for being brave even if it didn't work out.

Mallie said...

Bummin' that the new kicks hurt the tootsies. But if the price was "right", and they'll work for the gym, I guess you're only out the couple days of pain, right?