Friday, March 09, 2007


This week as I walked into the gym I actually heard bird's chirping. The temperature feels as warm as it has been. Daylight savings time is pretty much here. It is actually sunny in northeast Ohio today. Oh and it's Friday!!! This will require a beer or 2 tonight!

Anyways to sum up the week it has been pretty good. I can not seem to get the crap out of my throat, but it does not seem to be slowing my pace down so I can live with that!

I am currently in week 11 of my FIRST to the Finish Marathon training plan and I am proud to say that I am sticking to it pretty well and actually feeling pretty good about things! I like the challenge of the various workouts and have really learned to enjoy my long runs this time around.

For the last 3 months our tri club has been participating in the National Club Challenge where participants have been tracking there mileage. For the first time ever, I started to track my mileage and my goal now is to continue to do so.

So since the end of the challenge on 2/28, here is what the things have looked like...

R 3/1 - 6.1 mile run -2 miles easy, 2.5 at 7:25 pace (should have been 3, stupid cold killing me), 2.6 easy pace

F 3/2 - 1 hour spin class, 30 min stationary bike, 5 mile run (ladder increasing from 6.5-8.5 by .5 every minute until dropping back down)

S 3/3 - 3 hour easy trainer ride and 40 minute run with JT & her dad--it really amazes how fast time flies on these!!!

S 3/4 - Youngstown 1/2 - 1:47:26 official 8:12 pace

M 3/5- 1 hour spin, 5 mile run at easy pace not scheduled but felt really good!! Upper Body Weight Training

T 3/6 - 7 miles Ran - 2 mile w/u. 2X1200 (6:40 pace) , 4X800 (6:35 pace), cooldown

W 3/7 - 1.5 hour stationary bike at high intensity probably grossing other gym people out by the amount of sweat dripping, Abs, Lower Body Weight Training.

R 3/8 - 7 miles ran, 5 at moderate tempo (7:40 pace)

F 3/9 - 1 hour spin class, abs, 30 minute stationary bike, Upper Body Workout

This week wraps up 3 weeks since the tattoo which now seems to be healed (YAH!!) ...guess next week it is time to go back to splashing in the pool!!!

So another busy weekend is on tap which I am excited about!!!! Tonight is our Tri Club meeting, tomorrow one of my favorite races, the St. Malachi 5 mile run (complete with afterparty & beer!!), and Sunday will be a 20 miler morning! Oh and Monday will probably be a rest day!


TriShannon said...

Glad to see that Monday will be a rest day... I was starting to wonder if you ever took one of those.

Hope you got to enjoy a couple of beers!

Charlie said...

2 beers for me.
Congrats on the AG 2nd place. That was a big field

E-Speed said...

Yeah I think after a week like that you might deserve a rest day ;)

See you in a few hours!