Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday was rest day, so let's talk about my latest CD purchase!

So the week of the new release for the new Korn Unplugged CD, I made a stop at Best Buy to purchase the new CD.

I have been a hardcore Korn fan since their first album release. I LOVE to play Korn so friggin loud it is going to bust the windows out! Their music makes me feel so bad ass and ready for anything! Yeah this may have been slightly out of character for the typical Miami University gal, but this was Korn and I didn't care!! the unplugged....I knew they were great before but this just blew me away and gave me goosebumps at times. Jonathan's voice is just so powerful and it was really cool to hear the lyrics in this setting. Korn showed that they are without a doubt truly talented musicians! I can say that this unplugged version was a pleasant surprise and that Korn is still the best, perhaps even better for this gutzy descent from their typical heavy production.

One review I read from a non-Korn fan stated....
"I'm a Korn fan, not a big Korn fan. Admittedly, I can't sit through a whole album without a headache. Too redundant. (YEAH WHATEVER, BUT I WILL LET HIM CONTINUE) I tuned in to Korn unplugged mainly to see the Robert Smith and Amy Lee. I never expected what I saw or heard coming from Korn in an acoustic session: raw musical talent. 1. they utilized instruments not commonly heard, 2. Johnathon can sing--I mean he can really sing on tune and in harmony and with the likes of Robert Smith and Amy Lee. 3. The blend of orchestra and the arrangements of the songs chosen for performance was outstanding. 4. I was hesitant to allow myself to hear "Creep" covered one more time--it is such an important and powerful song for so many--especially by Korn they pulled it off well--I've added it to one of my favorite covers. The emotion conveyed through the subtleties of this acoustic session from Korn lend more to the lyrics then anything I've heard from them before. Their studio albums tend to bash the lyrics into submission (I DISAGREE, but go on) while this "unplugged" session, lets the lyrics out to be felt and interpreted by the audience--in fact, I never realized just how potent the Korn's lyrics are. (YEAH, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!)

Bottom line, this is a F-ING AWESOME CD and even acoustically, they rock like no others!!


TriSaraTops said...

What, YOU? Play the Korn so loud the windows and bunk beds in our freshman dorm room would SHAKE?



OMG remind me to tell you what my sister in law just sent us!!!! Matt is a HUGE Korn fan. I must admit they've grown on me.

I still have your glasses, too!

What's up for the big day next week?? :)

Mark D. said...

great taste in music :-)

Mallie said...

I like Korn, too. Have to admit I miss the slap bass, though. That was their signature. Right now I'm rocking No Place To Hide and A.D.I.D.A.S. on the MP3 player.

Brian said...

I've got Good God on my iPod right now. I think I scared the sh$t out of my parents by posting the lyrics to this song in my bedroom while still living at home!!

TriShannon said...

This is the Janet I know!! Cruising in her car, Korn blaring, shades on... I can see it now.

B Bop said...

OK, I read this blog and became mildly interested in this Korn unplugged CD. My musical tastes tend to span the realm of jazz and acoustic sounds and, well, I don't own any Korn cd's.

So, Korn came to me in a dream after I read this blog. In my dream, I bought this CD, I really liked it, and when I told my hipster friends they wondered what happened to my passive nature and if I was feeling OK.

I said I felt fine and turned the volume knob skyward......

....and congrats on all the early season hardware you've been brining home.