Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy busy!

First off, thanks for the comments on my FIRST training question. Really the ultimate goal is a BQ and I just want to train smart so I will have to take your comments into consideration!

What a difference a year makes!!

Saturday was Hinckley Du training day. First ride outside for 2007!!! I headed out to Hinckley through the fog and was pleasantly surprised how warm it was. It actually was a pleasant morning for a ride and we only had a few sprinkles which were not even enough to get the roads wet and the sunshine was trying to peak out!

A new CTC member was out there for his first ride on his new bike. There was also another CTC member that was out there to run the course. It was good I was there so I could explain the course to them since I actually knew it from last year. With that, the 2 of us on bikes took off for a casual 15 mile ride. The other rider was having lots of issues with his derailer and finally dropped a chain. I was able to help him to get it back on and we finished up our loops problem free. What a switch from last year when I was a total train wreck...Last year I had no idea what I was doing and it was my first road bike ride ever, popped a valve off trying to pump up my tire, lost a chain, and relied on the help of others the entire time, to this year when I was actually comfortable, confident and able to help others.

After the ride the three of us all headed out for the 3 mile hilly run around the lake. All and all, a good training session and enjoyed company.

Team ER

After the session I killed a bit of time and changed out of my stinky clothes and headed to my first meeting with Team ER. This Team is sponsored by Eddy's Bike Shop and Ritchie's Sporting Goods and the meeting was held at Ritchies. It was my first time visiting Ritchie's as its location is not quite as convenient for me. However if you have not been there it was worth the trip. They recently remodeled and it is very nice with a huge selection. Needless to say, I will be doing some shopping there now! Anyways, I enjoyed meeting the other team mates and hearing about their goals for the season. After trying on some very small uniform pieces I have decided it is really time to recommit to losing some of thir excess body fat I have as it was not pretty. Nothing like trying to squeeze my body into a 10 year old girl's pair of spandex, not pretty!! Thankfully I was able to change my sizes as the sizing chart we ordered from had to be way, way off.

Exhausting Sunday

Sunday, I met down at the towpath for a run with some friends. I ate a banana on the way out there and was surprised how cold it was at the start (about 35 degrees) With my running buddies, Bob and Melissa, I headed out for 20 mile run on the towpath. As usual, with some conversation, the miles flew by and all was well. From what I could tell we were averaging pretty close to a 8:45 pace for the majority of the way. It was warming up fast and by the half way point, I was running in shorts and a tank top. Oh it is just so exciting to feel the sunshine after a long winter!!!

I left as soon as we were done, I rushed to the car without changing and chowed down another banana and a special k bar. I was in a hurry as we had plans to meet up with a group of people for a 240 mile motorcyle ride. Within 10 minutes of getting home inluding a super fast shower I hopped on my new bike for the ride and met up with the group. (It is so hard to rush like that after just running that far!!!) But I made it just in time! What a beautiful day for a ride! Finally about 120 miles in we stopped for food. Let me tell ya I was so hungry that I could eat a horse and chase the rider by this point in time. After food, we were back off for the long country ride through fantastic twisty roads. I arrived home after 6 from the long day and was just plain exhausted. Sport bikes are just not the most comfortable for a long day, especailly when you hop on them fresh from a 20 mile run.

Needless to say, I hit the hay early last night and slept like a rock!


E-Speed said...

Wow, I cannot imagine riding a bike for that long after a 20 mile run! You are a rock star!

Jodi said...

Looks like training is going awesome for you!

I'd love to go to Richie's sometime. Let me know if you ever want to do a ride OUTSIDE and then go shop!



TriShannon said...

Amazing what a difference a year makes!

JenC said...

I don't know how you did that. Running and then riding your motorcycle without food or a nap. As Liz says, you are a rock star!

Papa Louie said...

Oh, I remember last year, I felt bad for you. I'm glad to hear experience has paid off. But your schedule is still too busy for me.

Kim said...

you have been one BUSY chick!!! sounds like your training has been going great... dont know how to work out so much and not eat an entire side of beef or a couple of whole salmon.

Brian said...

Great weekend of training! You're making me want to own a motorcycle! I know my wife would like if I did : )

qcmier said...

Have fun with Team ER this year. I've been buying my shoes from Ritchie's since high school. Great little place.