Monday, May 22, 2006

Working weekend!

It was not a big race weekend for me like many of the Cleveland area peeps out there like Lou (with a 6:02 half marathon pace), Su, Buckeye Runner, TriSaraTops (paced a group like a champ) and many others who all raced in the less than perfect conditions at the big Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon-Half-10K. Awesome job to all of you on some impressive performances and a special shout-out to the wonderful cheerleaders, Alan & Elizabeth, who were all over the place apparently!

This weekend for me was catch-up weekend which was not nescessarily that exciting! I managed to get my motorcycle cleaned and ready for the upcoming gorgeous weather we have coming. I visited some family and got rid of some crap at Garrettsville's garage sale weekend. Matches, my golden retriever, went with me to the garage sale and had one good day sucking up all the attention of the people coming through!

My husband and I also managed to clean out the garage & our barn (both huge projects!) We purchased the place in July of 2004 and had never cleaned out the barn since we owned it. We had the biggest fire burning with all the junk left behind from the prior owner and all the old animal stables that we tore out. It is amazing the difference of the amount of space in there we now have!

My highlight of the weekend was my Saturday morning brick with TriSaraTops, Elizabeth, and Iron Johny. Time sure flies when you're having fun. I awoke around 6AM to some bird making a nest in the window which was so loud. I decided I might as well get up and get ready. The sun was shining so I was automatically in a good mood and I hopped in my car. It was one of those days when I just was in a great mood and was already rocking out by myself in the car to a new CD before 8AM.

We met out at the Rocky River reservation and did a 33 mile bike ride. We only had one abnoxius driver yell at us and several others who just honked at us in anger. (I just don't get this out where I ride...I find it surprising that this apparently occurs more often when you are on a park system road!)

We goofed around a bit while changing shoes & racking the bikes and then were off for a 30 minute run. My 30 minute run was slightly miserable for the last half as I was dealing with major issues from all the food from Friday night's dinner. Enough said on that....needless to say I was happy to return from that run! Us ladies decided to re-fuel at the bagel shop down the road over some more conversation! It just felt like a fantastic way to spend a sunny, Saturday morning!


E-Speed said...

It was a great morning! The pic of your handstand is too cute!

Papa Louie said...

Thanks for the compliment! Your brick workout sounds fun. I'll have to try that hand stand it looks like a good core strengthening.

TriSaraTops said...

Sooo much fun! We hafta do that again soon! :)

Mojo said...

It's great you have some tri friends! It makes training even more fun.

Now that you cleaned out the barn, are you going to get some goaties??

DaisyDuc said...

Hmmm, although I would just love some goats to laugh at, I think the new kitten with the dog is all the hubby can handle at the moment!!!!