Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Wet Dog!

Thank goodness that it is a taper week as getting in the workouts through this rain is taking extra motivation on my behalf!

Lunch time rolls around and it is running time! The receptionist walks in the office from her lunch to tell me it is really crappy out there. She goes on to say it is cold, windy, and really wet. I shake my head as I say "bummer!....I am still running though!" She looks at me in disbelief and tells me I am crazy.

Oh well, not the first time I have heard that around the office about my lunch time runs!

So I decide I will wear the warmer clothing options that I have today and my trail shoes since I don't feel like soaking my good ones. I put on my Honda hat (feeling like a traitor to my Ducati) and head out the door.

It is low 50's and a light rain, not too bad! I start on the sidewalk and feel like I had the appropriate amount of clothes on...for the first 5 minutes anyway. My Hermes Road Race Series windbreaker I was wearing does not breathe at all like the clothing I typically wear and I start to really sweat. I leap off the sidewalk where it ends and bounce through the muddy grass down the side of the road. My trail shoes are squishing and feel extremely heavy. I don't even try to avoid the puddles as I sweat my way through this run. Before long I am back to my office and I walk back into the office.

The receptionist looks at me and laughs. Cold out there, huh? And I look at her and shake my head to say, "I am sweating my butt off!" before heading to my much needed shower! Another good training run in for week!

Highlight of Monday!
Celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday out to dinner with the family. His favorite line he always would tell my sis and I, "You're goofy and I'm OK!" Even after 80 years he still knows how to bring a smile to all our faces and I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful grandpa! Before long this grandpa will be a great grandpa for the first time!!!


E-Speed said...

I hope it isn't cold on the track tonight. Cold rain is just not much fun :) Especially for repeats on the track!

TriSaraTops said...

Way to get out there! This rain needs to stop though...the sun came out in my backyard for a half hour tonight, yay! :)

Mojo said...

Great way to stick it out and run in the nasty weather. All this training in less than optimal conditions will make you tougher!

You always write about working out at lunch. Do you get to eat lunch too?

I read "great" grandpa... Are you pregnant???

Papa Louie said...

"Before long this grandpa will be a great grandpa for the first time!!!"
Does that mean you're pregnant?

DaisyDuc said...

Mojo, no it is not me who is pregant but my sister...expecting twins in September!!! We are all very excited!!!! I am going to be busy soon planning baby showers and helping out!

Yes, of course there is lunch, but always just something boring. I bring in a bag of stuff and snack continously at my deck at work. Our office is soon going to be moving and I got a feeling I may lose my lunch time workouts b/c I doubt the new place will have a shower...bummer!

DaisyDuc said...

Lou, that would be my sis who is expecting twins!!!