Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meet OJ...not!

TriSaraTops made me laugh a while back when she referred to me as Olympic Janet or OJ in short. She was making a reference to Janet Beth Evans (born August 28, 1971), the record-breaking American competitive swimmer. My maiden name is Janet Sue Evans, which was quite the joke when I applied for a lifeguarding position at Geauga Lake and many people over the years have commented upon hearing my name.

However, the successful swimmer Janet Evans, I am not. While Janet Beth Evans broke the world records in the 400-, 800- and 1,500-meter freestyle events, this Janet Evans has struggled this year to simply swim and breathe while trying to keep my head in the water.

So today started like so...

Blaring alarm, snooze
Blaring alarm, snooze
Blaring alarm, snooze
Blaring alarm, snooze
Blaring alarm, "janet, you are already late, you better hurry up or you will not get any swimming in."

Gym arrival...........
To self, "must get some swimming in, so much for that hip workout you had planned..."

In locker room getting undressed.........
"CRAP, the work clothes are still hanging on the doorway at home...good thing I have some less than stellar looking clothes that I can get by in at the office, but your shoes are totally not going to match...oh well"

On my way back out to the car for backup clothes...
"This day is not starting off good"

I had been contemplating on what to do for today's workout. One tri I had been contemplating you were supposed to estimate your 400 time. OK to be honest I have not done 400 free (BTW, my swim terminology could be off) without at least one lap on my back because I get too winded generally. However today I decided I just had to know. So I pushed myself to get through all the laps with no back stroke. It actually went alright. After a short break repeated two more times. It was by far the fastest 1200 I have swam and all freestyle which was a first. Heck, this was a small accomplishment for me and I felt like the morning was redeemed.

So never will I be the swimmer the great Janet Evans was, but perhaps this Janet Evans now Edwards will continue to improve her swim....!


E-Speed said...

your morning went exactly like mine with the snooze, but I had a slightly different swim workout.

good job on the 1200 free!

TriSaraTops said...

Way to git'er done in the pool!!! Once Janet Evans, always Janet Evans.....:) We'll have to do some open water swims when this darn lake warms up next month!!

Eric said...

Way to push through the swim. Amazing what a little resolve can do for you.

I forgot my dress pants at home last week. My awesome wife drove them to the Y and had a guy deliver them to me in the locker room. My wife is a goddess.

Mojo said...

It's funny how when I got into tri's, I found most people struggled with the swimming. I guess one thing I can thank my parents for is getting me into swim team when I was 4 years old.

I've read some of your blog and you are a great runner, fast too. You know your cardio's there. Just make sure you are breathing enough. One guy I swim with is almost purple after 100 from lack of oxygen. He's an awesome cyclist too.

Swimming is like golf, all about putting the practice time in. You'll be like Janet Evans(only hotter) in no time! :)

Fe-lady said...

I slept in too...was supposed to run but still coughing at nite so decided I would benefit from the needed rest.
We are headed back to Ohio (Kent) over the 4th and are staying in Cuyahoga Falls at a hotel that has a nice pool so we can get in our workouts. Hopefully we will be able to do some lake swims (Twin parents live near East Twin/Dollar Lake are) when we are back there.
Yeah for Ohio...always nice to come back!