Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Inaugural Silver Springs Duathlon Update

Sunday May 14, 2006, 8:15AM start, approximately 55 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.

6:20 AM woke up to gray skies and still tired. I think the lack of sun was getting to me. Went through the morning routine, loaded up the bike, and headed on my way. Although I had lived in Stow for two years, it was my first time at Silver Springs Park. The park was nice with decent bathrooms. The closed lake looked lonely and I thought about what a waste it was that the lake was going to close. I should have used the park when I lived in the area.

The turnout was very small for the event. I expected it to be small, but not this small. I racked my bike on the third row, grabbed my number & shirt, and headed off on a short warm up to the restroom. I still felt sluggish on my warm up.

I had really struggled with what to wear in these temperatures and I ended up wearing my full under armor with bike shorts and tank over top. Of course, later I found out that I had I overdressed as usual.

The event director went through the course and got the race going right on time. 28 of us lined up, so everyone was close to the front and we were off. I started out with the front group and decided I needed to slow down as I had a ways to go. The lady I wished luck at the start was pulling ahead and it did not take long to realize she was going to dust me. As we headed up a long up-hill grade on the second street I started looking for the mile marker. I glanced at my watch 7:20, no marker...7:58, no marker....what the heck?...8:58, I pass the mile marker. Frustrated I keep on. Two guys pass me and are talking. The marker had to be off one says to the other. "That nine minute mile felt more like a 7:30." I look over and say that I am glad it was not just me thinking that. Mile marker 2, 6:45, feeling much better knowing that the first marker just must have been off. Now the last mile is all on the trail. I am sweating good and the guy beside me is shedding clothes. No such luck for me, as I did not layer so that I could remove any more of my clothes. Darn. I come into the transition area at 23.50, so it was a 7:41 pace.

Now the trouble starts. I am really sweating. I had ran with my little underarmor running gloves on and in trying to put my bike helmet on, the gloves just keep getting in the way. This is taking forever and finally I get it snapped. I had racked my bike a different way this event than normal with the brakes over the beam. I lift it up to finally get on my way.

The bike rack is held up by two saw horses. Well apparently I had lifted the entire rack up a bit when I lifted up my bike and the saw horses on one end just closed and the rack was going down. I am trying to keep it up , and do something about my bike and the other bike next to it up. This is not going well and my frustration continues to increase. One wonderful samaritan came over and helped me and finally I left out on the bike. I knew I had lost quite a bit of time in that transition, not sure exactly how much. I was so sweaty my glasses were a foggy mess and driving me crazy. Although some others may have felt differently, I thought they had the course marked well and plenty of personnel out there. I started to settle down probably too much so. With so few people on the 10 mile bike course, I was by myself and just riding along, probably not really pushing to my potential. Marc, this man I had met at Wednesday's bike session passed me. It was the best thing which could have happened. The last 6 miles I worked hard to keep him in my sights and found it really helped me to stay on task. I could tell how much faster I went the last 6, yet I still felt pretty good. For about five to 10 minutes during the bike there was a light mist/ drizzle. I came in to the second transition in 35.49. This included my horrible first transition and averaging out the entire thing comes to 16.9 mph. If only my transition would have been better!

Second transition went much smoother. I started the run. The legs felt a little tired but not too bad. I could tell I was gaining on people during the run and finished the second run including the second transition in 25:00, which including the transition, approximately an 8:04 min mile. My total time was 1:24:39. Again I crossed the finish line and thought I could have still picked it up more, especially in that last run. I was the second female in and 15th of 28 overall. The first female who was 42 had really dusted me. Her times were 20.03 5k Run 1, 34.13 10M Bike, 21.34 5K Run 2. Overall she finished in 1:15:50---dang, she is fast!!! Hopefully I get better with age (& some more practice!!).

Overall I was OK with the race. I was definitely frustrated with the transition. I guess my splits were OK, yet I still feel like I did not push myself to my potential that morning. Definitely room for improvement. Mental note, next time dress cooler! I still need to drink more liquids. I tried out my first Clif bar before the race. It was the Oatmeal, Raisin, Walnut one and I thought it tasted pretty good. My stomach felt kind of off the rest of the day though. Not good, but this is not uncommon for me on events where I feel like I exert myself for much over an hour. Not sure why???

Talked to a few other racers out there and packed it in. Overall I felt lucky that the threatening skies had held off that morning. I was glad I had participated in the inaugural event and I left happyt to have more hardware to add to the collection!


E-Speed said...

Great Job! I don't know about these Du's. I am much keener on swim bike run than run bike run :)

TriSaraTops said...

I was sad to hear the lake was closing! That was a nice little tri. Great job! I once had a rack of bikes fall down because of me. I felt like such an arse. :) Good splits, too! CONGRATS on winning the CTC Du series--yay! If I can offer a suggestion for your free entry, do the Fat Rabbit Racing's "Great Lakes Escape." SOOOOO Fun!!! It's in September or I'd be doing it too! Did it in '03 I think? You jump off a ferry into Lake Erie and swim to shore for the swim!

Lana said...

Great job!
That's too bad about the bike rack in the 1st, that is too much drama to encounter during the transition. You did great though.

Mojo said...

Great race report. It always seems rainy or overcast in your pictures or posts. My husband used to live in Ohio (Mansfield). Every time we visit, it is either raining or overcast. The lack of sun would depress me, I live for the Carolina blue skies!

You are a good runner! Your bike time was only one minute more than the #1 female. You did excellent! Those were some awesome times, you should be really proud. Sorry about the lousy bike rack, it was nice of you to try to fix it!

Papa Louie said...

Sorry, I started to chuckle when you describe the rack fiasco. I would have let them "all fall down".
With time, training, and racing you will get more experienced and thus better.
Good Racing!!