Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy, busy weekend!

Well for a long weekend, it sure did go by fast!!

I had taken off Friday afternoon thinking I could get some training and cleaning in. However, given the rain my husband was off work so my plans changed. When I got home we went out to lunch, went to see Xmen 3 (yeah, I am one of those chicks that just really like the Xmen movies for some reason), and did quite a bit of shopping in preparation for Sunday's BBQ.

Saturday morning I woke up early to get in a 8 mile run. 5 & 1/2 miles in I started to regret eating McDonald's the night before. I never eat McDonald's but while we were out and about, given I had not had it for a several months, it just seemed like a good idea...NOT! So I slowed down a bit hoping my insides would quit the spin cycle which had started. That worked for a little while before the misery kicked in and then I had to walk for a minute to try to get things to stop moving. I started off running because I just knew I needed to get home to a bathroom ASAP. So it was an agonizing final 2 & 1/4 miles until the port-o-potty 1/4 mile from my home that I finally made it to. I just could not wait that last 1/4 mile. Oh well, the last quarter mile felt much better!!!! I really need to work on eating better the evening before my workouts as my insides just can not deal with eating crap! I am good on McDonalds's for at least another four to five months again!!

Saturday was a great day. It was gorgeous out and we met some friends at the motorcycle dealer to go riding for the day. After talking to some pals at the shop we rode motorcycles out to a little bar grill called Gasoline Alley for some lunch. It was my first time there and the place was really cool inside...needless to say I made sure not to eat anything greasy there after my rough morning!! We rode all day through the Cuyahoga Valley where there are many twisty roads, hills, and fabulous scenery. We headed home to grab the car and the fruit salad and then it was off to my high school friend's pad for a BBQ and a few beers!

Sunday, I woke up early to start getting ready for our BBQ. It was one busy morning of mopping, cleaning bathrooms, yard work, planting pots, food prep, on and on. Noon rolled around and I was hot and hungry. However if I was going to meet Jodi's group for the 40 mile ride I had to get moving. I changed and loaded up my bike and was off for my ride. There was four of us that started on a 40 mile ride at 1PM on a sunny 85 degree day. I brought one small bottle of Berry Propel (my fav) and figured I would just get some water at a gas station on the way. When we got on our way I knew this ride was going to be rough. Matt and Adam were blazing down the road and I was pedaling like mad trying to keep up. Luckily about 8 miles in, it was nice to slow down a bit and chat with Jodi. Finally we get to the gas station in Middlefield and I was ready for some water...but it was closed. Not good, my 15 ounces of Propel is pretty much gone and disgustingly warm already. Not only that I had such a busy morning, that the only thing I had ate was a 90 calories special K bar. Oh well, time to suck it up. From there on we still had over 20 miles of rolling hills to go. I just tried to keep a good pace and things went pretty smoothly despite the fact that I was thirsty as all get out... We finally stopped 1/4 mile before the end at an open gas station and I drank cold water so fast it made my head hurt.

I had to rush like mad to get propane, ice, a shower, and start the food for my BBQ at home. I had not noticed but the back of my shoulders had got quite red on the bike and caught quite a bit of laughs from the guests. I ended up with 25-30 guests and all was good. The beer can chickens and sirloin were awesome as usual and a new treat for some of our guests! One of my high school girlfriends was in town from Ontario and I just got some laughs out of listening to her Canadian husband's colorful stories! It was awesome to just kick back for the evening.

Monday was my rest day. Pretty much spent the morning cleaning up, made breakfast, and a dessert for the afternoon BBQ at my hubby's family. We rode motorcyles for awhile and then went hit the BBQ. Finally around 7:30 we made our way home and I rested on the couch with my animals exhausted from the busy weekend! Thank goodness it will be a short week!


Lana said...

What a weekend!! And you still were able to squeeze in an 8 mile run and 40 mile bike - that is awesome!

TriSaraTops said...

LOL...your story about your innards is cracking me up! Nothing's worse than having a 15 minute warning dump churning away...ask me sometime about the Lakewood Days Inn....gotta good story :)

Mojo said...

You look like a hot biker chick! :) I know why you aren't scared of speeding on your bike, it's all that motorcycle riding. I bet it helps your handling skills too.

You went to a lot of BBQ's. Are you tired of hamburgers and hot dogs yet?

DaisyDuc said...

Thankfully no hot dogs...Saturday BBQ had a burger, Sunday chicken & steak, Monday chicken & ribs! I lucked out with some variety!

Yeah, I doubt the motorcyle riding helps with my bicycling...that said though, I don't really get worried about speed much on my bicycle.

qcmier said...

Hmm, sounds like your McD's was a little unexpected nutrition training. I know I can handle Krispy Kreme before I bike but not before I run.

Papa Louie said...

It's amazing how we mutilsport atheletes can juggle so much in our lives and have fun doing it. I want to try the beer can chicken some time.