Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breaking the law, breaking the law!

So I have really tried to slow down recently for two reasons.

A) I got my first speeding ticket in a long time in March coming back from Cincinati. It was overdue as I guess I am a little speed racer behind the wheel. I am so used to speeding along in rush hour that I guess I do it all too often and it finally caught up with me. My husband, who does not speed as often or as bad as me, who has more tickets, thinks all is right with the world now that I got caught.

B) I get so mad at cars that blow by me on the side of the road biking or running and I look at them and think 'Is it really nescessary to drive that darn fast down this road?' Sometimes I think everyone should ride a bicycle on the side of the road to get a new perspective on their driving.

So I am consciously trying to slow down. I still don't maintain the proper speed limit all the time but I am trying to not be quite so abnoxious.


Last night I headed out for my second biking session of the day (after a nice 40 minute rolling ride on my lunch break). As usual after work I was hungry and tired but changed the second I got home and took off before I had the chance to change my mind. I started down this country road. I was happy to be wearing pants (unlike earlier in the day when I was cold wearing shorts) and I pedaled south towards Garrettsville. I had a new variation on a standard route that I always especially enjoy because it takes me through the neighborhood where I grew up and it just feels familiar. The wind is at my back heading out and although I am cruising along good now, I know I can not head south forever! Bummer! I head through the little town, stopping at the only stop light in town glancing around to see if there is anyone I know. The good thing is since I am all covered with glasses and helmet, no one will probably recognize me as I still feel a little goofy in this get-up!

On down the road to the bike lane which leads to Hiram and finally I encounter the big hill I have been thinking about riding down. Sweet! I chance a lookdown -35, 36-and quickly back up again. I get so nervous to look down still as if I may miss a crack in the road and get myself in to trouble. Now it is back uphill again against the wind. I am pedaling along rather miserable now because I cannot breathe through my nose as a major amount of snot which has been bugging me for some time now has become unbearable. I tell myself I will stop once I get to Hiram to blow my nose. (Yup, I still have not tried the whole snot rocket thing and just am not ready to try it for the first time on my bicycle.)

And then up I ahead I see that car that sticks out like a sore thumb. Hey, it's my dad! Spirits automatically lifted and now I am pedaling and waving. Of course he recognizes me as he knows there are not many other crazy people out riding in this area. We are waving away and yet as fast as I am pedaling trying to keep up with him, he pulls away. As I ride past the college I stop to blow my nose. SWEET SWEET RELIEF! Now it is on to the next down hill. Speed limit 25 changing to 35 there in town. As I cruise down the hill I look down, oh yeah, 36,37. I AM SPEEDING on my bicycle!!

I pedal the rest of the way home. It was one heck of a windy ride yet I just maintained a good turnover rate and a decent pace the whole way. After enjoying the new route I finally made it back home 72 minutes later. I felt re-energized by my ride and told my husband about it. He said, "you know you can get a speeding ticket on your bicycle?" I looked at him and smiled and said, "But that one I would be proud of!"


Lana said...

Speeding ticket on the bike - that one would definitely be worth framing!!!

You are really kicking ass on that bike!

E-Speed said...

that picture is hilarious! Sounds like a great bike ride!

Papa Louie said...

You come up with the best pictures! Great workout!

Mojo said...

If a cop pulled me over while I was on Falcor.. He better be scared!

That's a way Daisy, you are becoming a bad ass! I don't think I've topped 34mph. I have this fear of knocking my front teeth out!