Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thinking through my nutrition plan out loud!

So tonight I am packing. I always like to pack an entire night before I am set to leave so I can spend the next entire day trying to figure out if I am missing anything.

As most who are probably doing the race, I continue to keep an eye on the weather.  Today it says a low of 64 and a high of 74, with a 8mph south wind, and 40% chance of scattered t-storms.  Temps and wind look favorable so let's hope those two factors hold true and I would prefer to eliminate any chance of storms please!

Regardless, it looks like temps will be favorable to again (like last year) just stay in my Trakkers / REV3 kit for the entire race.  I find it much easier to not have to bother changing!  I had been a bit concerned when the lows looked a little lower but I should be good.  Of course I will pack some warmer clothes for special needs, just in case!

As usual, I am also making my grocery list in addition to my packing list.  Our room at breakers has a coffee maker but I am guessing it is one of those single serving types so I am bringing my coffee maker and my toaster! I really liked knowing last year that my breakfast would be what I wanted.

Every race I sit down and make sure I am clear on the plan so I figured it would be good to jot it down for quick reference for myself and in case anyone was interested.

So the plan is-

Breakfast (as early as I can wake up, ideally 4 am but likely 5) (500 calories):  1 bagel with PB (250 cal), 2 hard boiled egg (150 cal), 1 banana (100 cal), water and coffee.

Between breakfast and race:  Sip on bottle of First Endurance EFS mixed with FE PreRace (200 cal)

Swim:  Nothing


Bike:  Will have water up front in aerobottle and start with two bottle of FE EFS bottles in cages with 2 scoops product in each bottle in cages and one liquid shot flask.  At bike special needs, 2 more efs bottles, 1 liquid shot flask and one snickers bar!!!

Goal on bike is ~300 calories per hour.  Planning on under 6 hours so planning on 1800 calories.
-4 bottles of FE EFS (@200 cal each), 800 cal total
-2 FE liquid shot flasks (@400 cal each). 800 cal total
-1 snickers at half way, 200 cal total

Plan is to settle on bike for first 10 minutes.  Starting at 10 minutes, every 10 minutes alternate 1 sip (2-3 oz) of EFS Drink / 2oz liquid shot followed by water.

Run:  Will run with handheld (I think as it worked great last year to drink when I wanted).  Goal is 150-200 cal per hour.  Goal is under 4 hours so I total need of 800 calories.  So plan is easy.  Water and 2-400 calories liquid shot flasks.  Carry one and then pickup one at half way.  Take in coke on course if desired.

This is pretty much to a tee what I did that last year and it worked well then so I would assume it should work again this year!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a great plan. Simple and to the point. Can't wait to cheer you on!! See you soon!