Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovery Week!

The only caveats to the week post 140.6.

Do only what I want.  No running.

And it was an awesome week!

Monday, I took the day completely off and ate a lot!

Tuesday, 20 min ez spin on stationary bike at gym

Wednesday, off

Thursday, 1000 M Swim

Friday, P90x Chest and Back

Saturday- Rode 14 miles on MTB at West Branch mountain bike trails with ET!

Sunday- P90x, shoulders, bis. tris.  Rode 14 miles very easy with family on Portage Hike and Bike from Ravenna to Kent and back on park bike.

Some notes-
I had met with my coach Wednesday and talked through some stuff.  A lot of emphasis was placed on waiting to run much.  So despite wanting to run over the weekend and not feeling too bad, I decided I would wait to run until something short and easy late this week before I run my lil Akron Mary Relay leg on Saturday.

All and all, I feel pretty good.  Main soreness left Thursday.  My toes on the outsides of my feet seem like they lost a little feeling for now.  My tibial nerve feels a little tingly at times so I have a proactive ART appt set up for Thursday.

I really enjoyed the weekend.  Weather was gorgeous.  I had really missed mtn biking and ET and I had a blast out riding the trails at West Branch.  She was doing a practice ride for the West Branch MTB enduro which was Sunday.  I SOOO wanted to do it too bc WB is my home turf, yet a 4+ hour mtn bike race seemed like it would be a giant middle finger to my legs after last weekend so I behaved :-(  All good, at least ET was female winner!

Sunday, was sooo nice.  My aunt and uncle have really gotten into biking and my mom has been wanting to get riding.  We had got mom's bike all set up last year but she really had not rode much ever.  So we had set Sunday up as the day to show my mom the ropes awhile back.  As luck would have it, Sunday was a gorgeous day to ride.  The 3 of them and my husband and I met up in Ravenna for a roll out to Kent on the Portage Hike and Bike path.  We did a lunch stop at Rays Place in Kent in the middle and I likely consumed more calories than I burned on the ride, but it was a really nice change of pace! Mom did very well and managed just over 14 miles while the husband and I played hooligans on our park bikes throughout the day.  Super fun!

You may note the P90x sessions above.  I have decided to start to re-integrate some weight training back in the program.  I used to do this a lot but haven't lifted AT ALL since my crash.  Probably one of my longest hiatuses in years.  After Friday's session, I did not think I did a very good job as I was not sore....but that all changed Saturday and especially Sunday!  OUCH!  Time to strengthen that core!

Today, I decided to start my return to normalcy with workouts (albeit that they may be a little different) while still taking some caution to allow for recovery.  Can't just keep eating like IM training and not workout!!!  Hit 6AM performance cycle this morning with KM at LFT.  Good stuff and felt great to finally work up my first solid sweat in a week!  Then it was back to 2000 m in the pool.  Actually feeling ready to go today!

Plan for immediate future is Akron Marathon relay (6.3 mi leg) Saturday.  Debating the Border War Sprint Tri for Sunday but not sure I want to do two back to back hard efforts this weekend.  TBD.  Other than that, I had toyed with idea of Towpath Mary if I felt good but it just seems too close and after talking with Coach MG, I have decided to take a pass on that.  I am thinking perhaps some shorter fall running races for fun!


iliketoast said...

Sounds like the recovery is on track. It is such a dangerous time.

Matty O said...

Yeah, we are starting running this week. Keep it smart, if you are asking yourself "should I do this yet?" don't do it. Wait until you are confident you can do the workouts without any backlash (this is what I have been told at least).

We are planning on starting back up on P90X too. Have to finish some stuff in the basement first though :)

Keep up the good work, maybe we will find you at Akron, we are doing the half. Have fun!

Colleen said...

Sounds like you are doing things right! :) We'll be in Akron on Saturday too... I'll keep an eye out for you!