Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The numbers

So after enjoying one solid week post 140.6 of eating and being lazy, last week I started to ease back into some sort of training.  However last week the plan was to still go light on the running and still only do what I felt like.

Monday-60 min performance cycle, 2000 m swam
Tuesday- ??  can't recall so I am guessing I took it off
Wednesday-60 min spin, 2000 m swim, 9 mi run at lunch (8:10 pace)
Thursday- 45 min interval ride, 1 mile run
Friday-2100 m swim
Saturday- 7.5 miles ran (6.3@6:38)
Sunday- 75 miles road with CV & MV

Run-17.5 mi
Biked-127 mi
Swam 6100 meters

This morning I was looking at my garmin data from my relay leg at Akron.
Distance: 6.3 mi
Total Time:  41:48
Avg Pace: 6:38
Average HR 179
Max HR 186
Elevation Gain 112
Elevation Loss 348
Miles:  6:31, 6:10 (big downhill), 6:20, 6:43, 6:57, 7:04 pace for 0.3  - Those last couple miles felt way slower than that.

The plan-I don't really have a set plan for the next couple months which I am excited about!!!  I think I would like to try to work on my running speed a bit and just do some halfs and shorter races.  Then I plan to transition to trail running when temps cool as trails just keep me warmer and will likely plan on Run for Regis 50k as having that on the calendar seems to keep me motivated.  I plan to do more weight training and core work as I always have enjoyed that.  Hopefully I can still ride my mtn bike some but all this stupid rain just has a lot of the trails quite wet at this point.  I also plan to continue to get in a fair amount of riding but there will not be too much structure there until starting in December. Starting soon I plan to really focus on my swimming this winter which is my big goal to work on this winter.

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Matty O said...

Dang, you were red-lining your HR.

I wanted to wear my HR monitor but thought I would go easy haha.

Nice mileage on the bike still. That is my biggest regret since the weather is dipping cooler lately.

It is a good feeling to be "free" to do whatever workout you want to do that day isn't it?

Enjoy the cooler temps running!