Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Race Week!

And it is Tuesday  Wednesday already!  Apparently the day got away from me yesterday!

Back to the grind and I have started thinking about all the little things regarding the big race this weekend.

I am back to work after 3 days off work and 3 great workouts.  It seems weird to be in taper and still be working out so much but this week will be very easy.  Planning to swim most days some and I just have one more short brick (20/2) which I will probably do Wednesday.

Saturday was a 36 mile ride with 3x15 min hard intervals.  Luckily, I had BH along for the ride and those miles clicked right by.  Then it was on to 6x1 mile repeats running.  Last week, I fell apart on my repeats as it was soo hot at the track.  This week it was even hotter so I opted to go inside and run them on the treadmill.  I was stoked to run them all at or below desired pace relatively easily.

Sunday, I rode with my coach which was so awesome.  It gives me the chance to pick his brain and he gave me several tips.  Riding with Coach also provides extra motivation to work hard throughout the workout as I want him to see that I have strong work ethic and take his direction seriously. Coach sent me some data after the ride-

"We went just under 45, erred on the side of caution and called it a day a little bit early. We rode the warm-up and main set as follows
37.75 miles
1:53:00  20.0 avg
avg power: 200
NP-236 watts
cool down was almost 7 easy miles so overall our ride avg was just over 19
Power data
We did one out and back interval of ~18 miles. We each took a 1.5 mile pull section up front and switched back and forth.
Time : 48:30
Distance:  just under 18 miles
Avg Speed: 22.0
Avg Power: 236 watts
Max Power: 748 watts
NP: 249 watts
After a brief 4ish mile break we did a ~6 mile out and back with each of us taking a ~3 mile pull.  Data
Coach pull
Dist- 2.9
time- 7:50
avg- 22.7
avg power - 246
max power - 378
np- 252
Janets pull
Dist- 2.8
time- 7:35
avg- 22.5
avg power - 216 watts
max power - 634 watts
np- 225 watts"

So last week wrapped up being pretty solid.  On tap for race week is just a bunch of swimming, one brick and one bike.  I decided since I had some time Monday morning with being off that I would knock out the 30 mile bike.  Day 3 of riding also went pretty well, despite the cool, rain-threatening weather.

One more workout besides swimming!  :-)  I should do it tonight but perhaps it can wait until Thursday morning.  I am getting soooo excited!

Race week is a funny thing.  You start over-analyzing everything.

What will the weather be?
Do I have exactly everything planning nutrition wise?
What was my avg speed, avg HR, max HR last year.  What should I target this year on both bike/run?
What will I order for dinner?
Should I pack my own toaster and coffee maker again?
Oh please let the weather be decent!
What will I want in my cooler post race...besides the obvious ;-)

Ok, only a few more days of this!  Almost time to get packing, but I think first some laundry is in order tonight!


Matty O said...

Looks like everything finally fell into place for you after your wreck. Glad you are back on top of things and hitting your workouts as desired!

Should be an AWESOME weekend regardless of wind or rain or high waves :)

I love the feeling of getting these measly workouts on my schedule now.

See you this weekend!!!

Kim said...

go janet go!!!

Heather-O said...

Sounds like you are good to go (as if there was any doubt ;) You are going to kill this race, Janet!

I am FREAKING out about the weather! Crossing my fingers for a nice swim! And thanks for the list of things to over analyze because it never even occurred to me to pack a post race cooler! Genius!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Awesome to see you are back in top form after the accident! We will see ya in a couple of days!