Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Wednesday Thoughts

1.  I am super doooper excited for the weekend.  Team Four Freaky Fast Females will be out partying it up after the Akron Marathon race.  Hard to tell how fast we will go this year.  Needless to say I am assuming we will make up for any speed shortcomings with the fun factor!  This year the line up is ESpeed running legs 1&2, yous truly on leg 3, Perservance tackling Sand Run on leg 4 and then Salty bringing us home!  I am not sure where we will come in at but I am guessing somewhere between 2:55 and 3:10 so say hi if ya see us!

For fun comparisons, here are our past year's results!
2010, 2nd place women's team - 2:52:03
2009, 3rd place women's team -3:06:38
2008, 2nd place women's team - 3:05:30
2007, 2nd place women's team - 3:02:47

Every year, it seems things we girls get switched around a bit based on availability, injury, schedules, etc but it has been an AWESOME TIME every year!

2.  Another reason I am excited for the weekend is my sister is running on a relay team with good friends, Nathan & Lindsay.  Also my sister's husband will also do his first running event with a leg of their relay (I think as poor guy has been sick for a month!).  Rounding it out will be my cousin, ST, doing her first running event!  Oh and I should mention there will be a fun Friday dinner and Saturday party surrounding the fun run with all of us!!!!

3. Feeling really torn on my racing plan for next year at the moment.  Still scratching my head on it.  I always feel like I need to set my plan early.  I also like to keep it fresh.  I don't want to get bored doing all the same things.  Also, likely I will need to keep my travel schedule something reasonable.  Anyone doing anything fun? I thought about some halfs or maybe some xterra tris?  I am still leaning towards TTT and REV3 CP again pretty strongly.  Not signing up for any full official full IMs this year so those are out too for 2012.

4.  A friend just dropped off my winnings from REV3 Cedar Point. I must say I was pretty excited about it!  It included an Avia watebottle, a FuelBelt, TYR goggles and a very nice REV3 award!  Love it!


Matty O said...

TTT is on my radar :) We will see what happens come spring though.

Heather and I are "running" the half. I use "running" loosely though, probably use it as a base run and not race at all.

Colleen will be there too! Maybe we will see you on the course.

Have fun this weekend!!!

Heather-O said...

2:55 is FREAKY FAST!!!! Hope you gals hit your goal!

Nice Rev3 gear! Congrats on the podium spot! You worked really hard to earn it!

Matthew Smith said...

What a score with those winnings! Those Xterra races look super fun although I've never done one. Maybe I should sign up for one next year too!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Look at those times -- you gals just keep getting faster and faster.

"I am guessing somewhere between 2:55 and 3:10 "

pfsst ... whatever, Ms. Sandbagger (-:

allanjel said...

One of these years we will be #1! (I may not be on the team that year though -- hehe.) Next year I am running that freakin leg again and crushing that thing!!Uggghh!!