Monday, April 12, 2010

The Roo is Gone!


Time for a moment of silence for my old friend, Roo! Roo was my first real bike. Prior to Roo, I had not rode a bike since early high school on what I deemed as the lame, Free Spirit. Back in 2006, Trisaratops had told me about this deal at Bike Authority on a sweet bike and I could even get a discount if I joined Cleveland Triathlon Club. Well I took the plunge and WOW, has that led me down such an awesome journey both with my favorite shop, my club and my beloved bicycling!

I remember being very nervous about the purchase. Dropping a lot of money on a bicycle was a bit daunting. Always trying to keep a watchful eye on the funds, one thing was for sure...if I spent that much money on something, I sure as HELL was going to use it! And I did!

I rode that bike like crazy for 3 solid years. In the Spring of 2009, after several thousands of miles, I decided it was time for something new and picked myself up a new carbon bike and the Roo sat. The plan was to use it on the trainer and when the roads were crappy. Yet, I have not rode it one time in over a year. I told my sister and friend that they would have to ride with me and that I had an extra bike that should work for them to ride. The one asked if I would sell it. I had not thought much about it, but that got my gears going and a week later, I had a couple interested people, and I decided to sell it and she was gone! I hope new owner catches the Roo bicycling bug that I caught!

So anyways another week in the books. Right now, the schedule is structured around training for the Rev 3 Half Iron in CT on 6/6.

This week was a run focus week which key workouts would include Clev Tri Club duathlon (Run 1 tempo), a brick, and a long run. Everything went pretty much as planned.

M 4/5: Lifetime Masters Swim 2600 M, 60 min weights / core (leg EZ day)
T 4/6: 2400 M Swam, 6 M EZ Run (8:25 pace)
W 4/7: 18 miles indoor ride (10 min w/u, increasing LT intervals 5-9 min while dec Z3), 7.5 M MTB Ride
R 4/8: 2300 M Swam, 14 M Ran (7:51 pace)
F 4/9: 1750 M Swam
S 4/10: CTC Headwaters Du 2.85 M Run/ 16.5 Hilly Bike/ 2.85 M Run(6.36 R1, 19.25 M Bike inc T1, 7:03 R2 incl T2)
S 4/11: Brick, 47.6 M biked with touring club (18.4 avg), 5.6 m run (miles 1, 2 & 6 focus 7:05, 7.24, 7:45 uphill, 7:45 avg)

Thursday night's run was especially terrific. I had talked my friend, Nathan into running with me and explained I wanted to start at around 8:15 pace and work our way down to around 7:45 and average under 8. This was going to be a bit of a challenge for NA but he is always up for a challenge and handled it with no issues! My husband and two of our other friends joined us on their bicycles. So the 5 of us GHS alumni just carried on as we clicked off the 14 miles, dropping pace and feeling pretty chipper the whole way. It is not that often that my husband will join me while I run, but it was really nice! Then we headed to the local bar / grill for our reward! It may have been one of the most perfect nights!

Run Splits
1 8:09
2 8:04
3 7:56
4 8:02
5 8:10
6 7:44
7 7:44
8 8:04
9 7:53
10 7:50
11 7:55
12 7:40
13 7:38
14 7:24

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Matty O said...

Busy girl! I hear you on the money for bikes... we have been saving up for months and all my snow plowing money was being pooled towards our bike fund haha.

After the bout of nice weather we splurged and got the bikes. Got an ok deal on them since they are our first road bikes ever it was a big deal.

Great run splits by the way, you are a machine out there! Keep up the good work, hope to see you at some sort of competition after my marathon!