Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Talk Some Smack!

Another Camp picture! Who is that chick in the Trakkers gear? ;-)

Oh this time of year just has me so excited with so much going on!

The Cleveland Tri Club training camp last weekend was just a blast!

This upcoming weekend I am heading all the way down to Nashville, TN to run in the Country Music Half Marathon!

The following weekend I head to AL for a week to visit family and will cap that week off heading up to Knoxville for the big REV3TRI showdown!

Speaking of Knoxville, REV3TRI...beep beep beep beep....breaking news! Time to interrupt the blog for breaking news from Team Trakkers (YES, that would be my team!) The PRO TRAKKERS TEAM had already challenged KSwiss and Trek teams to a showdown! Now Trakkers Age Groupers are taking the challenge to a couple other teams at Knoxville! Complete details are laid here in my teammmate, Sonja's blog here!

Did I mention that I just love a little bit a rivalry and fun competition? Go TEAM TRAKKERS!!!!

So back to the original report -
4/17 Weekend was Camp.
4/24 Weekend is Nashville Mary
5/1 Weekend is vacation in AL
5/8 Weekend is Knoxville REV3 Trakkers Team Domination (Oly Tri)
5/15 Weekend is Cleveland Mary (not participating but official cheerleader!)
5/22 Weekend is Greater Cleveland Tri Training and CTC Picnic
5/29 Weekend is Mountain Biking Weekend in Raystown Lake, PA
6/5 Weekend is REV3 Quassy in CT (Half IM)

So back to the original statement that I am so excited that the season is here and the schedule is now action packed with fun things! Now to somehow stay on top of everything else like stupid laundry!


Matty O said...

5/22 Weekend is Greater Cleveland Tri Training

More details on this one? Is it with the CTC? or is it a general open competition?

That is one heck of a schedule girl, good luck!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Matt, some of the details are found here on the NCM site.

Essentially, the RD offers 3 different training sessions out at Mentor. You can do the clinic and ride some of the course if you want. Another option is just to come out and train on the course. There will be quite a few people out there those days doing the course. Keep your eyes on the CTC forum as we will be rolling out what people are planning to do there (starting times, distances, etc.).

DaisyDuc said...

It is CTC supported but all are welcome.

Matty O said...

On the calendar! Thanks for the update :)

Carole Sharpless said...

I am loving your camp, girl!!!!!!!
So great, and such a great way to boost the community vibe with triathlon. They could have no greater leader but you!


allanjel said...

Sounds like way too much fun and excitement. I am soooo jealous!! If you need a break and want to do some enemas or catheter some old people let me know and I will switch with you...hehe!