Monday, April 05, 2010

Gimme more Sunshine!


This last week was just a whirlwind and I felt like the tasmanian devil just running around spinning in circles like crazy with a million things going on!

Monday was action packed with AM Masters Swim, work, dropping off taxes, meeting to discuss CTC triathlon training camp.

Tuesday, worked, ran 14 miles, and went to the bike shop hoping to buy a new mountain bike. Sadly, so many of the bikes I wanted appeared to be sold out. I left the shop with some prices and a lot to think about!

Wednesday, worked, got in another 2000 m in the pool and then headed off to Rays Indoor Mtn Bike Park to pick up the bicycles. I was going to convert my old mtn bike back from single speed to gearing and ride it one more year since I did not want to get something I was not sure about. I also took the husband's bike to the shop for some service.

Thursday, worked in the morning and then got out and enjoyed some gorgeous weather and rode 45.3 miles. Oh, it felt so nice outside! Managed a nice farmers tan that day in the bike jersey! Then for Day 3 in a row, I returned to the bike shop to pick up our finished mountain bikes just in time to ....

..take the bikes out to Medina's Reagan Park for Mountain biking fun Friday! Then a quick shower and we were off to motorcycle ride for the remainder of the day! (NOW IF THAT IS NOT A GOOD DAY?)

Saturday, included a ez 4.3 mil run with HS Newbie runner friends, a 43.75 m bike ride followed by a 2.9 mile race pace run. The wind was rather brutal the last 10 miles but nonetheless, finished feeling pretty strong. It felt good to lay down on the picnic table after that, stretch out, and chug my FE Ultragen recovery drink. Then I rushed out of there to grab a PBJ, sort the mountain of laundry, run to the store and speed clean the house before the 6:30 BBQ! Oh I was happy to finally shower and plop my butt down in the deck chair and crack open a Yuengling! It was a nice low key night with both my husband's family and my family including my favorite little nieces!

Sunday, I was up again for more cycling fun! I rode another hilly 46.5 miles with the Cleveland Touring Club boys before hopping into my car. No sooner had I got on the road, then my my sister called and wanted some running company. I had a bit of time and was still in my sweaty clothes, so what the heck! I must indulge her new running interest! We ran an easy 6 miles and she had her best run yet! I am so proud of her! Then off to Easter dinner at the in-laws!

It was such a busy fun week!

All this and there were still some more highlights including...

THURSDAY I found my long lost swimming suit hiding in my car!
THURSDAY, after giving up new mountain bike hope, MV at BA found me a close out super bad arse mountain bike which was just up my alley! Guess who is picking up a new mountain bike to come! SOOOOO EXCITED!
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Totals for the week-
SWIM: 5600 Meters
BIKE: 143.55
RUN: 22.1


Matty O said...

Great job on the rides... we need to get out and do some biking haha, we have been pretty pathetic in that area of our training so far.

How do you like the Ultragen?! I am still searching for a good endurance recovery drink. So far most of what I have found has torn my stomach up haha, let me tell you about wasted money on recovery formulas!

Bill said...

Wow, I am super tired just reading about your week... Nice job!

allanjel said...

I saw the new kit on the Lovato's and I really like the new Trakkers outfit! Green is my favorite color and makes you look fast!!!