Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lifetime Masters Swimming


Yesterday was an easy day with just masters swimming in the morning, some work and then it was off to enjoy the sunshine at the Indians home opener with the sister and friends!

Well the good thing about my swimming is that there is lots of room for improvement!

Just over a month or so ago I started swimming with Lifetime Fitness Masters at 5:45 AM on Monday mornings. The first week there was about 10 people. Now it is more like 2-5 people. I almost feel bad for the coach and hope that we get some more people there so that this actually stays on the schedule.

Anyways this actually works out great for me as it is like I have a personal coach. Jeff, the coach, really seems to know his stuff and has been giving me lots and lots of tips and things to think about. He also makes me do lots more drills with his favorites being one arm leads with side kicking, fingertip drill and catch up. Not that I like to spend a bunch of time doing drills but cleary there is value to them. I just hate how tired I get doing the one arm leads and doing the side kicking!

Anyways I have been really working on my hip rotation, staying long, finishing my pull and not dropping my arm early when I breathe. I feel like I am using a bit less energy and have sped up a tiny bit but I am still sooo slow! Hopefully as I continue to work on my technique, improvement will continue!
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marathon mommy said...

I am also a LTF member and curious about Master's swim. Do you pay extra? How long do the sessions last? I'm a total swimming newbie. I can swim but have no idea what those drills even mean. Will they help you or do you need to have some background?


DaisyDuc said...

At LTF there is an extra cost. I ended up getting 4 months free because I was able to use lifetime bucks (for activating my electronic account right away and two member referrals)

If you are a newbie, it really depends on the coach. At my program at Beachwood, I am sure he would help and it would not hurt to try it out! Also my coach writes a couple workouts up (one longer/ one shorter for different levels) I also think you could probably drop in one time to just see if it is for you...I would just talk to coach!